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Neighbors always stopping by to see the pups 
This is Ryan Mandy and little Jackson with Tank 
Isn't Jackson just the cutest he looked right at the camera  I've known Ryan since he was a wee~!
Jackson with Grandpa Tetto   Tetto loves kids and the pups until they get to big he's a helper 
This is Chris with Sydney I've known Chris since he was just a wee of a boy he loves Sydney 
This is Justin he and Kayley made a lap dog out of
Sydney as you can tell she just eats is up ~!
Greta getting her figure back isn't she awesome~!
Greta is living proof that you can take a Dam with no big names to their pedigree and breed her and turn out some great puppies. Greta herself is perfect in every way she's very outgoing in public on guard point in different situations as all of my girls are. 
Kayley loving  Sydney can't you tell she just eats it up~!
Sydney next to Tetto  Arial is up front and 
Angel is behind Syd we miss those girls so much
Arial and Angel always remembered never will be forgotten they all got along with every other dog in the house Can you see the Happiness Freedom has given them Angel is finally putting on some weight her back bone stuck up almost 2 inches when I got her at 13 months she only weighed 38 lbs. so sad 
Von Tank having a ball with his Mom he's an awesome pup  Mark and Sue their so excited and can hardly wait for Von Tank to become a member of their family. Von Tank is a Super King Size Doberman~!   Mark and Sue I knew right after I met you that he'd have a wonderful home at your house.    I'm very selective and interview the people who buy our pups. I care where they go and want to hear often with pictures. Tank will have a wonderful life with Mark and Sue and their family Tank gets along with anyone any dog and loves children.
Stargazer Dobermans this is our huge yard where our dogs play and lay in all the shade to the west is a Pasture and our plans to build large pens for the dogs were also fencing in the back yard around the new deck were building. 
This will be the dogs new area to run and get their exercise each dog will have their own house and run the fence is being built  right now 

West Side of Stargazers Ranch house  Home of Stargazer Dobermans 
Angel ready for her nap on the couch with Sydney 
Hard day at play I don't know about you Sydney but that couch is looking pretty good right now~!
Arial so beautiful the camera just loves her  ~!
Can you tell how much she loves being outside~!
Superior Protector Dog 
Greta watching me at the computer how about a treat are you thinking that I just love those cookie Jars and pork chomps those femers please I'll take anything give it to me~!
Justin Holding Baron Von Tank.
My very good Friend Tiffany these are her kids they came out to see the puppies her son attached to Sydney~!
Tiffany's son buddied right up with Syd he didn't want to leave
All along the morning glories are good size Mimosa trees that I'm replanting all over the property right now I'm planting them along the fenceline their one of my favorite trees they smell so good and grow fast and provide great shade Were putting new fence up so that my morning glories have something to climb up they come back every year.  Were turning our place that was once all set up for horses and I bred dogs when I found out how ill I was I sold all the horses and I sure miss them that whinny when you go out to feed them. 
     ~*~God Bless America~*~ 
~^~In Dobermans We Trust~^~ 
 Bullitts Grandparents Steve and Tracy they say it's hard to look at him as a puppy due to his size. Tracy Bullitts Grandma said she'd be sending new pictures of him soon. We can hardly wait~ 
Daina and Jason are now Commando's parents I'm the
Luckest Breeder I have such wonderful Clients and have made such wonderful friends. All my Clients keep me posted on how their pups are doing life is so Wonderful ~!  I'm truly Blessed~! 
Geavonni hanging out with Colt 45   Colt had just came home from the Vet and being spoiled by Ashli who works there she hand fed him and just babied him all day long ~! 
Both Colt 45 and Geavonni are worn out both think this growing up thing is hard on a boy~!
That's Kayley my beautiful daughter when I brought Poor Tank home from being tramatized at the Vet she knew just what to do and got him fixed up my twins are the greatest they help me so much~! 
Kayley with Geavoni can you tell how Tank is hugging onto her~! After years of my children watching me vet the dogs and horses they know so much and she fixed Tank up and he was just sucked up to her after relieving the pressure caused by to big of sutures~! Pulled to tight. 
Snoop Dawg giving Geavonni the High 5  The Min Pins Rule the Roost our pups are raised that way so that they can go right into their new homes and know that smaller dogs Rule~!
Colt 45 Standing over Von Tank which doesn't happen very often~!  Von Tank Rules over Colt 45  Tank loves children that's why he's tolerating it 

Their Bro's  Great Big Bro's they get along great with each other thou they do have their moments  Colt 45 never presses his luck with Tank ~!
This is Colt 45 next to his Dam at 11 weeks of age My ear Vet said that he is perhaps the largest King I've brought into him to date and that's been 36 years.
Shaggy is the best babysitter he just loves puppies and lets them crawl all over him~!  He's a really great dog who is well behaved. 
He's my Shaggles  FAMILY ~*~
Shaggy playing with Colt 45 the pups love him so much they can play as rough as they want and he doesn't care nor does he ever get upset~!
That's just our Shaggles he's family 
Greta is very grateful for Shaggy she is tired from the pups and needs a nap~! 
See I told you Miss Greta needed a nap this raising babies business sure wears a Mom out Justin caught this shot. I haven't shown Greta no one wants to get caught sleeping with their mouth open~!
Colt decided to use Kayley for a leg up to where the Min Pins lay they get the top of the couch now the pups think they should be on top also~! 
Beautiful Tankster hanging with Snoop Dawg Justin now does the racking of the ears.  He wants to Bred Kings when he gets his own place all my children were raised with King Doberman Pinschers. 
This is Mark and Sue leaving with Von Tank they have been waiting for him for some time now and drove a long ways to get here to pick him up. I'm getting ready to get Von Tanks Spotlight made for them. What a lovely Couple I just Met Sue and such a lovely lady I've been talking with Mark for some time now. They have him now and he's going to a new wonderful home with other dogs that will be his new family and will be a part of his spotlight 
Ryan with Colt 45 and his Dam looking at the Camera I guess she's use to it by now Nah~! she's a Ham 
Robert and Selinda with Colt who is the size of a Colt.  When I was breeding Pure Bred Arabians that was the aveage size of a Colt was 50 lbs.   Snoop Dawg one of my Miniature Pinschers has a huge crush on Selinda.  Colt weighed 58 lbs here 
Yep Angel you were right all that hard playing outside sure wears us girls out we love to snooze  nose to nose

Our Beautiful Sydney at 8 months of age  
Bullitt at 5 weeks of age reeking 
havic on poor Grandpa Tetto he loves them when their babies he even takes care of them but when they get his size or bigger it's time to lay down the 'LAW' of course Bullitt goes into the play 
Arial and Angel enjoying Freedom 
Angel Sitting on the Couch like Dobs do
The Tankster Taking on his Mom can you see how proud she is 
What an Awesome Mom Greta is and so Healthy and Perfect 
Sydney with Justin can you see how much they love each other 
My beautiful Granddaughter with Von Tank who is
great with Kids  
Sydney doesn't like the Radio Station she's picking up 
Syd's ears are almost done  Ham for the camera 
Greta copping a squat to watch some TV her favorite show is Ceaser Milan 
Arial she is so happy she gets to sleep on the couch and gets to go outside and play whenever she wants to Arial says Crate's Stink 
Freedom is Wonderful I can do my business in that huge front yard instead of a crate. I know I gave Arial the best 76 days of her life I gave her freedom and in exchange she gave me her un-dying love and protection she never left my side I had to put a pillow next to my bed she would sleep on that wood floor just to be their to protect me she and Angel were rescued and shown freedom here at Stargazers Forever in our hearts 

Sydney just got home from having her ears cropped Uncle Shaggy is comforting her. Shaggy is a rescue my daughter Kayley got him away from people who fight pits they just took a pair of sissors and chopped his ears off 
Angel and Syd  hey Syd are you ready for a nap because I'm worn out 
I just couldn't help myself snapping Mark asleep with his mouth open ~!
He was so tired from doing snow removel these guys with the snow we've been having will work up to 26 hours straight.  Poor Mark the flash woke him up and he said did you all get a good laugh out of that~?  Why yes we did Markus ~!  Just to cute and very funny!  I've known Mark since he was a wee the dogs love him as we all do. His mother babysat my twins when they were just babies.  Linda took very good care of my children and her children and mine have been friends for life.  Their not just nieghbors and friends their Family~!
This is Sydney giving us her Smile ~! She has beautiful white teeth that line up perfect it looks threatening but, she Smiles on Command she's next to her bud Shaggy.  Uncle Shaggy is so good to the pups letting them crawl all over him he's in heaven. 
Justin is holding Sydney's head while Tetto took this as a place to cop a squat on her back  Are our Dogs Spoiled or what ???
Tetto say I'm on the Syd Titanic  'I'm King of the World' she doesn't mind and I trust her she doesn't pick on me like Shaggy does I can't wait for his family jewels to be removed.
I'm back from Arizona Thank Goodness back home again to Grandma's good cooking to put some much needed weight back on my body it will take some time to get back to my old self again after living in a crate as Mom found out  ~!~ I was so glad to have a bath since I stunk to high heaven  Hal Hitler ~^~
Sydney is so glad to see her Mom Syd grew so much while Greta was gone that Sydney looks like a Giant next to her. 

Greta and Sydney in action all Photo's taken by Kimberly Jones Stargazers provides allot of pictures of our dogs I love capturing action shots like this.  It shows how Wide Sydney is she is only 7 months of age in this shot. 
Syd isn't as big a blanket dog as her Dam but Tetto took this opprotunity to lay on top of her with the blanket on her back.  Can you tell that she's Justin's Dog? Dobermans are like Velro they want you stuck to them.~!
Sydney with Amanda in Portland Oregan Amanda is family to us here at Stargazers we knew the moment we saw how Midnight Stone's family enviroment we knew we were sending our Sydney to the right place a true family unit she slept in her bed the entire time she was there and she gained 5 lbs. while up their in a cooler enviroment all our love Amanda and Stone ~!~
Sydney and Stone taking it easy together in Portland 
 Vickie with Jedi Knight in his new home you can see how much they've bonded and Vickie has to many plans for Jedi he even has a pet sitter and starts his training this week 
This is Sheri here to pick up Ghost I just got a great note from Sheri yesterday just how well Ghost is fitting into his role as being "Mr Social" she was so thrilled at how well he did at a Patio Lunch meeting and greeting everyone and being such a great Host 
Look at Colt 45 compared to his dam at 11 weeks of age 
Justin saying goodbye to his blue blue blue he spoiled him rotten per Sher's request he's a great big boy for just 13 weeks of age he's very tall look at his coat it's the Omnivore Diet I've created for high energy level dogs  I cook up and feed my dogs and pups 
Nothing Better than the Happy Face of a Client~^~ Mike has 
Clash of Titan in his loving arms and a new friend and companion for many years to come Titan is such a beautiful boy
This is Kharlotta such a sweet girl she's one of my Russian Frahlines 
This is Beth and James with Sydney and Greta giving them a send off.  Beth your a great friend of mine.   Beth and I both suffer from OCDD also OCPD   I joined a support group and sent it Beth's way ( OCDD )  Over Complusive Doberman Disorder  
(OCPD )  Is for Beth and I since we also both suffer from  Over Complusive Pinscher Disorder since we both love all the Pinscher Breeds. 
Sheri get ready to take a picture of her Mother with Greta ~^~ Greta took to Esther like a moth to a flame she laid claim on her the moment they met and Greta would not let her go.
Eileen and Glenn are both great friends and came for 3 Visits she calls and I so enjoy our visits Greta and Sydney were outside this time when they came and were so excited to see them when they got out of their car Syd's tail was going 90 mph. She gets very jealous when Greta tries to get some pets from Glenn she's laid Claim on Glenn when they come here she doesn't leave his side and Greta loves them both so much here Eileen is looking Greta right in the eyes and Greta loves so much when they come Dancer Slept threw it all  
Here's Beta Beta Sweeta Beta she's a wild and crazy girl so playful by nature when you let her in she goes mad all threw the house as the Great Steve Martin would say   "She's a Wild and Crazy Girl"
Greta staked claim on Esther the moment she got here~! they met the Russian Girls on the way in you can't have Beta in when your trying to do something she's just a wild and crazy girl 
 Great Picture of James and Beth holding their new girl Hollie she's been a very good girl Beth's Vet kept looking at Hollie's ears then left the room and brought in his partner and Beth asked if something was wrong>? He said no were just admiring her crop Beth asked if he could of done a better job and he replied with not even in my wildest dreams his partner agreed! Beth said well her breeder has been using the same ear Vet for 36 years they said will that explains everything he learned in school 
Mike has Greta wanting those Pets and Sydney has him pinned down while he loves on his new boy Mike was quite surprised when he came into the house and saw the size of his pup then mistaking his paw for Sydney's Mike your a great guy you choose a great pup thou their all great very outgoing pups 
Greta giving Beth a Kiss Goodbye Beth is holding her goodie bag for Hollie I send home goodie bags with all the pups except those who ship it just adds that much more weight to the crate thou now their not only charging per weight but the size of the crate it's self and it takes a 25 inch to ship these pups 
This is Eileen and Glenns second visit with the pups at 4 weeks of age look at Alexis in her hand I brought her out first she still fit in Eileens palm of course Snoop and Tetto always the comsument host they are always greeting everyone and sitting with them to Welcome them into our home 
Sydney really liked Sheri I think Syd really liked the fact that they both have being Red heads in common and Sheri's just a really nice gal 
Sydney is not much of a kisser type of dog  but she sure loved Beth Dobermans know us who suffer from OCDD AND OCPD  Beth has it bad she has Miniature Pinschers and Hollie has fit right into their family since she had formal training done here by Tetto and Snoop and she met her match in Vixen 
Vickie with her boy her very tall boy she started making plans the day she bought him for which she called as I was getting ready to put him back up for sale talk about Karma.  Jedi has a pet sitter and starts his puppy class this week then will go onto basic obiedence and to get his CGC then onto advance obidence classes she has his future all planned out for him things just happen as they should. Thanks Vickie I count my blessings every day your one of my Angels here on earth Thanks for all the thoughtful gifts I'm going to try out my new Wolf Gang Puck rice maker tomorrow since it's that time again cooking up what I freeze  It's amazing all the things you can cook in it will sure make my life so much easier like that really cool mop 
This is Vickie in her kitchen with her Knight in Shinning Armor her Jedi Knight aka Kasmir the tallest pup in the litter it took the next step down from the Great Dane Shipping Crate for him to fly and they took him out of his crate at his layover as per request by the breeder that he's such a very friendly pup 
Poor Esther Greta is giving Zep that look like she's all mine go find your own I've staked claim on her go bug Grammy 
She's mine NO NO she's mine hang on boys their's enough of me to go around 
Justin after Beta has done her wild and crazy girl act she then is ready to settle down she's very playful and has her toys that she hoards sometimes she forgets where she hides them.  Under the end of my bed is her favorite spot. 
Mike meeting Sydney and Greta for the first time they Welcomed him right away Greta wanting those Pets and Sydney pinning him down so he won't leave right away Your Boy Already knows your his Mike look at him looking right at you the bonding has already begun. I know your dedication to his ears and you always ask the right questions as I said Justin is the Posting Man 
Eileen Smiling so big she finally has her girl for good with her Thank you so much Eileen for such a thoughtful gift I love those new sheets and the other set their new to me and I've already used them. Since I sleep with dogs I change my sheets very often 
This is Stargazers Midnight Alexis aka Sexy Lexi  who started out first with the name Tuff since she only weighed 19 grams at 4 hours of birth she was alive thou so very tiny she was a bit weak so got 4 cc's of stage 1 in her which gave her enough strenght to nurse and get that all important Colostrum in her I had to hold her up to nurse she was even smaller than a Miniature Pinscher puppy they at least double in size the next day but little Tuff didn't I slept in the whelping area the first week of her little life and woke her to nurse every 15 minutes.
Then when she got those long legs under her I started calling her Tuff the Spider Monkey girl since she look just like a little spider monkey running all over the whelping area I would keep her in my pocket to keep her warm I called her my Pocket Doberman since even at 4 weeks of age she still fit in my pocket shes up to 40 lbs. now 
This is Sexy Lexi's new Mommy's Justin and I choose Micki and Cheri to be Lexi's new Mommy over a whole lot of other people we felt that it was best that she went to a home with no children due to her size.  It was all about the best home for our Littlest girl ever whelped here.  Micki donates her time to a Greyhound rescue her and Cheri just love their new little girl who isn't so little anymore she looks exactly like Greta did as a pup the entire litter took after their Grand Dam some of the boys look like their Sire who has many 
Everything on this site the way it’s written, designed personal photo’s are Copy Written Property of Kimberly Jones / Stargazer Dobermans 

If caught writing in my style of writing due to my over 40 years of experience with this Majestic breed of dog my almost 39 years of breeding experience with Doberman Pinschers.
All my research that I’ve done since 8 years of age is considered Copy Write Infringement and after a warning given if you don't comply will go to court for fines. We’ve since day one when we were still a very private breeder since I come from a family of breeders my parents were dog breeders so I have a lifetime of experience in breeding dogs and we’ve always stated that were here for the life of your pup/dog~^~ I’ve had a problem that with a warning this person took what they stole off my website. They admitted to doing a control c and v I respect others websites and just request the same 
Also I’ve never heard these dogs called by the name Gladiator Dobermans again did this come from them fighting in the Ancient Roman Colosseum or the Greek Olympics’ ? In the 70’s during a huge peek in interest of this breed that some adopted the name Warlock to make them seem more valuable. Since this breed of dog came to America to save it from extinction during the first WW  the only term used for the Oversized Doberman is 
Goliath’s this came from the bible term David and Goliath in the 1930’s they adopted the name of King and it has stuck all these years now I’ve done my research about this very Magnificent breed of dog. What I’ve written about the wars is my experience growing up during the Viet Nam war my parents met during  WWII some of what’s written about the Devil Dogs I got threw the war department all the rest is my writings which all of what I write is Copy Written. our photo’s are protected by a no right click you can ask for written permission for any of our photo’s doing a control c & v now that’s Copy Write Infringement Please Respect I’m a very professional reputable breeder a full service breeder with references thank you Stargazer Dobermans / Kimberly Jones 

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Beta coming for her morning hug and she's so gentle and loving 
She's so very gentle when she puts her paws on my shoulders she's such a prize and a great protector.
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This is Aushka at just 4 months of age 
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