Pups in their new Homes

Bullitt says this growing up thing sure wears a boy out Don't let the size surprize you I'm just a wee of a  boy still it's just my body is a 
King I got my Mama's looks and her eye color. 
Yes I know what your all thinking my my isn't that a handsome lad. 
Tank had just got home from a very long drive so Sue put him right in his jammies and put him to bed 

I'm in my new home with my new master I love her so much and she is very good to me I own this family 
I'm a Doberman Pinscher ~!
Am I a handsome boy or what wow that was close I'm hiding my paws because I'm was looking on the computer to see if my brothers were on messenger
so that we could chat  ~!
Yes I am the Super King of this house everything you see in here belongs to me I will protect it.  With My Life~*~ 
Look at the width of my lower legs at this age  hint hint I'm Bullitt I'm a Super King which makes me 
King of all Dogs. 
I know what your all thinking just like  my family it's hard to think of me as a puppy because of my size and no I didn't come from McDonalds and someone said Super Size me.  I was born that way
Can you see the look of guilt on my face boy that was a close one~!  I was on the computer looking at other dogs like me and their just aren't that many that are as handsome as myself~! Besides my siblings 
I'm just a wee of a boy here I'm still very young but getting bigger and bigger every day~!~ 
I tried to join the Navy but they said I was just to young ~!  I disagree just look at my history my ancestors fought in WWII and WWI
Yes here I am can you see me growing ? I'm getting bigger and I'm so very healthy 
The vet told my family that not to mention to the girls 'I'm Hot'
I'm ready for my close up Mr D'Mill 
Look at my size on these floor tiles  Their 10x10 look how much of these I take up ? Like I said I'm still just a wee of a boy
Can you see how happy I am in my new home 
Look at that chest I'm developing I have the biggest smile on my face. Because I am so loved 
Grandma is cooking dinner and it just makes me smack my lips all I want is just a little cornbread Grandma ~!~
I'm so handsome and pose for the camera I haven't decided shall I be single or find a girl friend. She'd be lucky to have me on her arm since I'm such a good looking pup~!
Just hanging out with friends and family can you see how serious I am I'm on guard duty tonight nobodys getting in here they'll meet trouble and that trouble is Bullitt~!
Yes I'm outside protecting my property and letting all know that this is my place and I own everything in it.
Even my Mommy Grandma Grandpa and inner family I do that because I'm a Doberman Pinscher
This is J my master and I will protect her with my life can you tell I also have my Mamma's head?
This is J and I hanging out in front of the Christmas Tree she's so good to me and can't wait to get off of work to come home and play with me I'm so loved by so many 
These are my grandparents Grandma Tracy bought me before I was born and called every day til I was born I was the only Black and Rust male so I got very lucky because I have such a wonderful home and they spoil me  Rotten
But that's okay for me since I'm so worth spoiling just look at me aren't I so cute~*~
Here I am making my first dabue I'm Tank aka 'The Tankster' 
Mommy put me to bed with my favorite toy my pony I'm such a large lad that I make sure I get into bed with my pony where my daddy sleeps next to my Mommy but when daddy comes into the room off I go to sleep with Tyrus my bud my bro~!
This is my bro Tyrus he's a Pit like my Uncle Shaggy he's become my bro I love Tyrus he sure puts up with allot from me ~!
Am I a handsome boy or what this beautiful dark red that I'm turning comes from my Mommy she's so awesome I also have her beautiful head also just like the rest of my bro's 
If I were a black and rust like my Mommy I'd look just like her My big Sis Sydney is dark red like us boys she started off a light red then turned this dark red like myself.
I miss my big sis she was so good to us boys and protected us.  I look exactly like my big Sis Sydney 
I know what your all thinking that darn I wish I would have bought this pup he's so handsome put together perfect thanks to his Mommy she produces herself just a whole lot bigger version I got some great genes from my Sire also Goblin 
Even my profile is awesome I am so lucky to be so handsome and have such a wonderful family who takes the best of care of me.  I'm Tank
Stargazer Herr Baron Von Tank they only made one of me ~! Then they broke the mold 
Yes I am so handsome and so big look at my chest bone my Mom is such a great producer that allot of people want her we all have that Magic Gene in us that makes us all 
Unique When I am mature in the scale I'm a Super King 
These are my parents Mark and Sue can you tell how much they love me they waited so long for me that Mark was chewing his cheek into.  Can you see how they're holding me like they'll never let me go. I have such a great home in Colorado and the Mountains are awesome ~!~!
Hanging with my bro Tyrus do you see a fence anywhere of course not I know where I live and I know where I should be to protect my family I'm Tank and I started pretty young protecting my family I'd never leave my yard
Can you see how my bro Tyrus lets me have most of the bed and since I'm just a young lad Tyrus is protecting me except that dog that jumps like a bunny he likes to play hide and seek. 
Robert bought a house just for me it has a huge back yard and I get to see the sun rise and set. Robert is so good to me and is patient with my hoarding problem I never chew things up or destroys things because I was taught at my breeders not to do such things 
I'm so use to having my picture taken that I'm a good boy and poise for the camera I'm Colt 45 I'm such a good boy 
Robert only wants the best for me 
I promise to honor and protect. 
Yes Mr D'Mill here is my close up ~!
Yes I nap with Robert my daddy and comfort him 
I make him feel secure that Daddy I am here for you I will protect you like you've protected me 
Just remember that everything you own belongs to me so I will protect that also.  I love you Daddy

Tenyu is so beautiful and has his Mommy's beautiful Mahogany eyes and her head he's a carbon copy of his Dam and such a wonderful dog. 
Those are 12 inch tiles he's laying on Tenyu is massive in size and went threw a rapid growth rate thats why I recommend All American you'll still have a huge dog but it slows down the rapid growth rate. 
At 6 months of age is  2 inches shy of being as tall as their 
Great Dane ~!
Tenyu is one big beautiful  dog
Tenyu your the bomb ~!  Thanks so much Shawnee
Tenyu is a full sibling to Sydney  he's so beautiful and Shawnee says he's such a big boy I believe he'll take after his grandmother when he matures out keep watching Tenyu ~!
This is J and D my parents can you see the smile on their faces holding onto Commando what a beautiful back ground they didn't take long to choose Commando they fell right in love with him and was in a hurry to get the paper work done so they could take him to the pet store it took 2 buggys to get all of the stuff they bought for him  Spoiled or what?
I love that food that grandma makes it's so good aren't I just so handsome 
I'm getting darker and darker and darker my eyes were blue for the longest time.  Don't you just love me? I am a handsome fella 
I'm so warn out from chasing waves on the lake so I'm going to take a nap on my new bed with my new favorite toy my Dragon.  Look at the size of my paw on my Dragon ?
I just got home not one accident well I threw up on my new mom I got car sick but she didn't mind she was prepared my parents thought I'd be doing Algebra by the time I was a year old but I'm past that I'm on to Caculus  I'm a brainer ~!
Look at me all of you I have this neat harness and a hunter orange collar do my Parents love me or what?  Of course they do ~!  I'm Spoiled  with those Blue eyes 
Commando all dressed up for Halloween carrying his bunny look at that beautiful dog and his color he was born that way
Commando poiseing for the camera in his new home look at those legs  King Doberman 
He's not Madonna but boy can he strike the poise 
Stargazer Herr Baron Von Commando
 The Dragon King 
Commando just taking it easy suning himself
Look at those beautiful green eyes he's perfect for the natural ears  
Commando your the man ~!

Commando with his toys his favorite is his dragon 
Again look at those beautiful eyes. Commando is a rare color that is really considered Chocolate their aren't many Chocolates left.
I was reading yesterday about the Chocolate color of the Doberman Pinscher and they said that this color was almost instinct. 
Commando has been bell trained and he loves the snow so he is always hitting that bell so that he can go outside to play in the snow look at all the land he has to run on 
This is what a Doberman Pinscher needs room to run~!
Commando's in charge the Christmas Reindeer
the other dude got laid off when he lost his red nose ~!
This is Tank at the River WoW what a beautiful dog  he's getting darker and darker in his color and now Stands at 28 inches in Height pretty tall  for a 6 month old Pup  ~!  Only God knows how tall he'll be when he's a mature adult Tank like all of our dogs here at 
Stargazers is a prize to behold he comes from the home of Stargazers Dobermans where they breed Athletes such as myself for protection and allot of us pups are show quality from the Sire's that they choose this was a perfect pairing of my parents.  I got allot of my great qualities from them both

Colt 45 at 6 months of age weighing in at 
78 lbs.  He's a clone of his Dam with that Beautiful head Colt your a awesome dude.
All of our family here at Stargazers are Very Proud of you  
D sent these recent pictures of Stargazer Herr Baron Von Commando he's such a beautiful boy with those natural ears he can almost stand them up he's so intelligent and that beautiful shade of red he got from his Dam Greta~! He also inherited her beautiful head. Commando's Dam Throws herself just in different  colors he has those beautfiul Amber Eyes like his big sis Sydney 
He's thinking you can see the wheels are turning~!
Commando's teeth are perfect on his bottom line just like his dam I'm sure that the top is the same.  He has nice compac feet on him. 
His eyes have turned a beautiful shade of Amber with flecks of green in them just like his half sister Sydney. 

Commando biting at the waves having such a good time look at his beautiful long legs                                Linus in his Doggles 
he's a beautiful boy thanks D and J for keeping us updated on such a handsome lad.  Such a cool Dude 
Commando supporting Kansas he's such a beautiful dark red and rust and his ears are perfect for natural beautiful bite on his well kept teeth.  D and J he's well taken care of and I'm sure he's doing his job for you we can tell how happy he is with you and that is so important to us here at Stargazers ~*~
Breeding to Wolfz Prentis Devil n Disgiz 1/2 Euro top 4 pups came out of this mating 
Stargazers Herr Baron 
Von Bullitt
Von Tank 
Von Colt 45
Von Commando 
Tenyu came out of Greta's first litter and is a full sibling to Sydney Bred to Von Abraham 

    Greta a Proven Producer of the
            King Size Doberman 
    Greta is a Perfect 25x25 square 
weighs 74 lbs. 
   She Produces the Oversized Doberman  
Newest Pictures of Commando with his new little brother Mr Ripley Commmando loves his new little brother protects him and naps with him and they play with their Kong Toys together~!
Commando is becoming quite the large boy weighing in at 90 lbs and 28 1/2 x281/2 square in confirmation he still has 5 more months left to grow and won't fully mature until he's 3 years of age in his body.  Becoming quite the King in Size and has that King attitude to him that he owns everything even Mr Ripley.
Commando is more of a Chocolate and Rust in Color he's so beautiful and perfect for the natural ear ~!~
All new and recent pictures of Colt 45 he's very smart and has the talent of playing fetch ~!~  Thanks Robert 
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Stargazer Herr Baron Von Tank 
Stargazer Herr Baron Von  Colt 45 
Stargazer Herr Baron Von Commando 
Introducing the Commander in Chief and the baby 
Stargazers Presents  Tenyu and Thor out of The Greta / Ab Mating 
This is Justin with our Sis Sydney
Our Sis Sydney is so Beautiful and took over the care of us pups when our Mom was tired she was a great big sis and a great Mommy to us boys.  She also loves hanging with our Uncle Snoop Dawg he was great to us boys also 
Stargazer Herr Baron Von Bullitt 
Daina thanks so much for all the pictures you've sent in Linus is such a beautiful boy for whom was perfect for the Natural ear 
Excellent Choice. 
Polly the Siamese Kitty and Linus family member 
Stargazers Presents Thor 
I've been told not to touch the remote but I'd sure like to change the channel to Pawn Stars they have some really cool things on there 
This is my DAdddddddddddy  here I love him so  thou I now have my baby brother to protect 
Yes I know you can tell by these long legs that Greta is my Dam I'm a big boy 
        Stargazer  Dobermans
         Greta / Goblin Mating 
                     Greta / Ab Mating  
These are some of the pups that Greta has produced previously condenced down to one page were very proud of the pups that our Greta girl has produced and now her daughter Sydney who came out of her first litter has proven to be the producer her Dam is.  We don't have any photo's of Ab the Sire out of Greta's first mating 

 Linus with his little brother Mr. Ripley