Pups in their new Homes

Today I turned 6 months old I am so handsome my family loves me so much I look just like my dam Greta yep she's my Mom Hi Mom Today's it's my 6 months birthday it's my siblings to yeah~!~  I'm so loved my Mom Melinda wants only the best for me and got Grandma's secret recipe it's top secret~!~
 I'm 6 months old I am so handsome my Mom calls me slinky due to my long leggs and body but my name is Sebastion they call me Sebby for short now just know this I'm not going to be a short dog I'm a King Size Doberman but still just a wee of a lad~
Hi there I'm Sebastion in the breeders favorite color of a Collar I'm just 4 months old here look how beautiful I am I sure took after my Mom~!  Melinda my new Mommy sure does love me and takes pictures of me often and I'm such a big boy and I love my new family so much~!~  I promise to always Protect 
Yes even at this age you can tell how very smart I am see I'm such a show off in my classes Melinda my mom told Kim in a note with these pictures she sent that I sure strut my stuff when I'm in class~!  That's right I do strut my stuff because I am a King well a Prince right now ~!~
Yes Mommy Melinda
 I'm ready for my Close Up Now  ~!~
I see you with that camera Mommy and I'm just a camera ham like my Dam~*~ Grandma Kim showed my pictures to my Dam Greta and she looked at her and moved her lips and said yep that's my boy Sebby aka Sebastian 
Look at the size of my feet and width of my legs yep don't deny this I am the 
King of all dogs I'm a Doberman Pinscher 
My baby Picture Look at me world I have Champion written all over me ~!~  That has been my dream since a little wee and now my Mommy is going to take me all the way ~!~ 
Yep I'm Sebastian Watch Out World here I come I have the right stuff to become a Titled Champion after all I come from Greatness from my Sire and Dam ~*~
Here I am I'm 6 months old I'm so Perfect in Every Way and yes I sing that song or whistle it to myself because I know how to strut my stuff I'm Sebby World and I'm going to show the entire World what all I can do my Mommy Melinda takes me to classes and I just love it so much because see I'm quite the show off ~!~
I'm a Shooting Star the Sky is the Limit~!~
My body is so perfect I have my Dams beautiful head the long legs she produces~!~  I come from Greatness ~!~  
Their is no doubt what so ever who my Dam is I have her Beautiful Mahogany eyes Here's looking at you baby ~!~  Sebby ~*~
Yes I own this place can't you tell~?~ I have such great looks coming from a combination of my Dam and Sire I'm a Rock God ~!~
Look at my great legs I have that look about me I know you can see the greatness I have in me I'm Sebastian and I'm a Champion in the making ~!~
I have such a wonderful family and their all mine ~!~
Oh Mama I'm so tired I did all my chores I patroled the property I did all my class work  and just catching some ZZzzzzzzzssssssss~!~
Yes I wrote the book on the 'Right Stuff' I so Own this place I rule the whole manner here every single thing you see well it all belongs to me and since I come from a Champion Titled Sire and a very Beautiful Perfect Dam what else would you expect~? oh did I mention I have my own Papparazzi~?~ Yes I do they follow me where ever I go I'll be Famous someday you'll see  ~!~ you can check out Bullitt and Tenyu we could be Triplets~*~  I have judges oueing and ahhing over me I'll bet you are also~! Yes I am very confidant and always willing to work~!~  I'm so bless to have my mommy who cooks for me each and every day.  I get so very excited I'm weighing 65 lbs. now  at 7 months of age 
Wait a minute I hear something ~!~  No you can't hear it because your not here silly just doing my job keeping my family safe because for all they do for me ~!~ I'm ready to Protect them with my life  
 See me at just 4 months of age~*~ I know you can see how determined I am ~!~  It's all Genetic's Coming from a Champion Titled Sire and a Proven Producer Beautiful Dam  I am destine for Greatness 
I have such a Wonderful Family here in California can you see how much I'm loved Is that a profile or what I look just like a male version of my Dam 
 I'm a 'King Oversized Doberman' I have 'Champion' Written all over me. I know you all can see it ~!~ My Mom Stacey takes me out on runs and since I'm a high energy level breed of dog it's so great and I'll Protect her and everything I own which is my entire Family and everything they own for I'm a Doberman Pinscher that's what I was bred to do for I am Maximus and Watch out World here I Come 
Storm is a very busy girl with her toys look at her long 
body with the legs that match her Dam Greta a proven producer of the King Doberman throws the long legs and Athletic body that her Dam Greta produces Storm is very beautiful and thank you Nash for choosing one of my pups and giving her such a wonderful home 
'Storm' is such a beautiful girl and is a carbon copy of her dam 'Greta' look at those legs that she produces as seen in so many pictures of her pups here on our site. 
We know our pups since Greta produces herself~!~
Thank you so much Nash for the pictures sent keep them coming and will post each and every one again Nash she's the bomb~!~
''Storm' in her beautiful new home in New Mexico with her new Family~*~ She will be a tall dog with that Athletic Body that She looks exactly like Greta at this age look at my new family their the best~!~ I'm very well taken care of and loved by my new Daddy Nash ~*~
'Storm' loves her toys ~*~ Here at Stargazers toys are very important in the hand raising of our pups thou Storm was whelped at Desert Legends in Arizona and sold by Suzan Shelton  
  Storm is out of Greta and Lobster~!  What a great pairing of the two look what they've produced on this page were very proud of our Girls here 
Here's looking at you baby~*~  Look at me World I'm a King out of Stargazers Dam Greta I look like my Dam and I am such a lucky girl that Nash picked me~!~  Look at my home I'm such a lucky girl to be living in New Mexico The last time that Nash and I talked he said that Storm is such a great dog and is so very protective of their daughter if out in public and people approach she in a stealth like move and gets in from of her and growls to warn to not get any closer ~!~  

Oh my Goodness again Look at me World because I'm here to stay with my new Daddy Nash~*~ I love it here in New Mexico. My Daddy I will protect you with my life to save yours I'll be here for you because you love me so much I'm such a Lucky Girl to have such a wonderful family who picked me~!~  I'm just a princess now but soon I'll be a Queen of Kings  
Yes with these long legs and huge feet as you can see I'm going to be a huge boy and yes I do pick up a few XM stations 
Doesn't matter if I'm at home or want to play or show off how smart I am by Graduating my Puppy Classes ~!~  My Mommy thinks I'm the next Einstien I'm very confidant that she sure is right just look at me for I am 
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aka 'Max'  
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Goliath’s this came from the bible term David and Goliath in the 1930’s they adopted the name of King and it has stuck all these years now I’ve done my research about this very Magnificent breed of dog. What I’ve written about the wars is my experience growing up during the Viet Nam war my parents met during  WWII some of what’s written about the Devil Dogs I got threw the war department all the rest is my writings which all of what I write is Copy Written. our photo’s are protected by a no right click you can ask for written permission for any of our photo’s doing a control c & v now that’s Copy Write Infringement Please Respect I’m a very professional reputable breeder a full service breeder with references thank you Stargazer Dobermans / Kimberly Jones 

Sebastian Michaelis 
aka      'Sebby'
Greta bred to Russian Champion Lobster 
Lobster is imported from Russia he's a Titled Champion Level 3 Schutzhund 
Champion in the Best in Breed in Russia in Junior and Senior What an  Awesome Pairing that produced some very Awesome Pups   Kharlotta is on Our Stargazer Girls page. 
I wanted to make a statement here on a comment Nash made to me in a phone call.   Please read what he told me over the phone down below in her spotlight here. I must tell you that those are the comments we love to hear since that's our goal here at Stargazers we love to see our puppies shown due to the Calibur of the Sires we choose for our Girls~*~ Greta has shown me in certain situations  that she is willing to give her life for me.  Now Beta who hasn't had the same training that our Greta and Sydney have had but in town one day with Greta she showed she was willing to give her life for both Greta and myself.  I love hearing those comments since that's our goal to provide you with very healthy hand raised puppies that will protect your entire family. We love that we've produced such dogs that have the potenial of becoming the champions they were bred to be.  Thanks to each of you who have sent in your pictures it does mean the world to me.  Now Proudly Presenting to you Beautiful Nash's Storm 
Stargazers is  Proud to present 
Nash's Storm aka Storm 
I am out and about with my family I am such a tall handsome lad 
Of course I rule this place ! I run each morning with my mommy and protect her  
Of course I'm tired can't you see me growing here not to mention those runs to burn off that extra energy 
I love you Mommy your the greatest you picked me and I love you for it always your boy  Maximus 
Oh come on I just want a kiss and to clean your ears while daddy's driving please Mom just a kiss like this then I'll clean your ears I'll always take care of my family ALWAYS ~*~
I KNOW WHAT YOUR ALL THINKING ?  My My what a handsome lad that boy is,  of course I am I have such a great family for whom all belongs to me. 
I'm doing my best to look as Pathetic as I can it works most of the time I'm Maximus and watch me grow into the awesome dog that I am !
I'm just a wee of a lad in this photo my Mommy takes such awesome pictures of myself ~^~
I'm not so sure I'm ready to get up as of yet I'm a worn out puppy and I'm so busy growing here 
I'm sunning myself here and guarding my place I'm growing into such a huge boy I have lots of energy to burn so don't come on my property because everything here is mine my family always comes first in my life ~^~
Look at me Mama I'm such an awesome lad with my own Photographer yes I'm very famous 
I'm truly in the Christmas Spirit in this photo I'm such an awesome pup my Mommy keeps Grammy updated on my progress for I am 
 ~*~Sebastian Michaelis~*~ 
My Mommy takes such awesome pictures of myself that I am famous I'm Mr March 2011 after all I love that camera so much I'm not Madonna but as you can all see ~^~I can Strike the Pose~^~
Stargazers Russian Beta My Mia  
Things are going great for our Beta girl in her new home with Ellen and Ted she's very happy there 
Ellen says it's like she's lived there her entire life she gets long great with their 4 kitty cats and their 2 other dogs Cocker Spanials. 
Beta has settled into her new home very well we couldn't be happier than to have Beta is such a loving caring home 
Here are a few  of the pups out of the mating between Klassik-Alert Lobster. Russia and our Greta these are more of the great pups we've produced out of this  Line of girls and were very proud of their achievements of what their producing 
Lobster is owned by Jules Arais and is still working today 
New Pictures of Lobster sent thank you so much Jules who  now were very proud to annouce is our Sister Breeder  

Stargazer Dobermans
Greta /Lobster Mating  
Nash thank you so much for the awesome pictures of Storm she's such a beauty to behold looks exactly like her Dam Greta and she's going to Mature out as a pretty tall female 
New pictures posted today of Nash's Storm she's such a long legged beauty  
Thanks so much Nash