Sydney & Diesel Mating

This page was last updated: June 28, 2017
Here they are  4 females and 2 males all have been seen by and throughly checked out by our Vet he said their all very healthy very strong pups 
New Pictures taken of our Girl yesterday 2 days post whelping the Vet said she's in excellent health and if it weren't for her ninnies he said she doesn't look like she just whelped  a litter of pups   all are doing very well  lots of pictures of the pups on Face Book 
POP Pictures thank you so much Stephanie for all the pictures and taking such care of our Beautiful Sydney she was in excellent condition when we got her back and for that we are forever grateful 
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Stargazer Dobermans 
Sydney & Diesels Pups 
Sydney whelped this litter on 2/21/11
This will be her last litter till 2012 
New single  pictures posted today of the pups their growing in leaps and bounds 

These are nice large pups as with her previous litter Our Sydney is our Biggest Girl weighing 89 lbs. and standing 29 inches in height Vwd Clear 
One of her previous pups at 7 months of age was 28 inches in height and weighing 81 lbs. their all very tall pups and so well put together. 
Tell um Diesel 
Our Big Healthy Beautiful  Girl  Sydney 
Were so very proud of her and once again she wants her pack mates in the room with her and Tetto is always on Stand by for his duties of being a Grandpa he has no problems just digging right in and helping to potty the pups and clean them all up.  
No Flash 'Please' I have my own ~*~Paparazzi~*~ 
God of War very large dark Male who is very demanding of his meals   Of course that's Vicious behind him on the prowl 
                                                                ~*~Cratos ~*~ aka ~^~Giano Pup~^~
They bought both the boys both close to 25 lbs at 8 weeks of age the boys have gone to a very awesome home where they'll get to go to work and have 3 1/2 acres to run on 
I ABSOLUTELY  LOVE PUPPIES~*~  I LOVE BREEDING BEAUTIFUL WELL PUT TOGETHER GREAT TEMPERMENTED PUPS FOR MYSELF IT MAKES THE WORLD GO AROUND. Hope You Enjoy all the pictures as much as I enjoy raising great pups.  Each is an indivdual and I love to nuture that personality into great loving new family members who grow into great protectors 
Were Waiting on the new pictures of this pups we called Justin Bieber  and God of War 
Stargazers Alluring Aushka De Luca`
Aushka is only 4 months old in this picture she's a big girl
Stargazers Ivy  Vicious  
Stargazers Gracie