Stargazer Girls
  ~*~Bred and Owned by Kimberly Jones Our Sydney~*~ 
Greta is her Dam  and produces beautiful pup / dogs.  Sydney was the youngest of the litter.  
She's a wonderful girl and a very Tall girl much bigger than her Dam thou Greta is a King by her weight. Sydney is trained off leash like her Dam and is so good to people invited into our home and loves everyone at the Pet Store.
Were very proud of her first litter with Midnight Lazy Stone all beautiful well put together pups. 
Most all look like their Grand Dam Greta just like our Syd if she were black and Rust she'd be just a whole lot bigger version of Greta for myself as a breeder I love the nice smooth refined wedged head and that smooth dome between their ears those of you following us on facebook can see some of the dogs I've bred threw out these past  39 years that my vision has remained True. 
It comes from a Book that this was the 5th printing of it when I bought it and from my first litter my Mentor's advice was that these are the ones to breed Kimberly their of good size to protect but not so heavy on top that they lose their agility and stealth like abilities. 
Sydney thou she's very tall can sneak up on someone before they know she's even there.  She is just an amazing dog in her Athletic abilities their isn't much she can't jump over just standing right next to it as David said she jumps like a Deer. She's got great strong bones and build to her and very well put together with that Beautiful Athletic Body that I've always bred.  Sydney is also trained with the Natural Way to Protect invented by my parents it works so well and so good for those who need that extra protection yet have complete control over your dog. 
It works off of the natural abilities of the Doberman Pinscher.   Here at Stargazers were so very proud of our 
Sid Vicious aka Sydney she is truly a dog that can do it all. Just to watch her in all she can do is just amazing she's so graceful I say she jumps just like a gazelle. 



 7 months of age
Look how sad Arial is being in this cell~^~ then I locked Her and Angel out of the only security they ever knew and they found freedom both were rescues and it was the best time in their lives not being locked 23 hours per day living  in their own body waste.  Arial perfered the floor on a pillow and Angel sure loved the couch with Sydney  they  played and ran in the huge front yard we sure miss them and hope their new home gives them the freedom they deserve. 
                               Not Life in Crates 
This is the very reason here at Stargazer Dobermans we sell our pups well on their way being housebroke and ready to live free in your home.  Robert a Client of ours put it the 'Best'                        

  'Crates are Prison for Dogs'

Thanks Robert for the comment we totally agree with you~!
King Size  need room to stretch and move and our pups are trained to play with their toys and be good puppies we've directed them here at Stargazers we've given them boundries when they miss-behave we re-direct them to the huge tub of toys.  You have to do the same in your home which doesn't take much if they get into something re-direct them back to their toys we give our clients a list of people Stargazers does business with for items they may need you can get them much cheaper. Their all Wholesaler's ~!  Below you'll see different dogs from what they were when I picked them up their happy and playful because Angel Slept on the couch with Sydney and Arial slept on a big pillow next to my bed guarding me~!  Anyone who walked into the house she was on alert and I had to hold onto her to keep her from attacking anyone who came close to me. I believe she was so grateful not living in a crate 23/7 a whole hour of being out of that crate. So sad I think it was just 30 minutes that they were let out.  Stargazers are against crates~! Their Cruel ~! Crates are for shipping dogs not for them to live in and certainly not meant to live in their own body waste with just more newspapers put on top of the soiled below those poor dogs stunk so bad they were rescued from a mass producer for whom I have no respect for those who crate their dogs not feeding them a high quality food just Ole Roy Crating dogs does more harm than good in their very young weeks they can lose their social skills being cooped up in a crate where they can't play and just be puppies not held and shown love and affection people who mass produce crate those poor dogs and that's their lives living in a small area having puppies   ~!~

FREEDOM Arial is Smiling  thats a big smile
Stargazer has kept up on with the AKC and now since their registering Mixed Breeds they have told their Judges to let up on the King Size Doberman let their Athletic abilities be judged by their Performance~!
Look at me I'm so beautiful or what look at my very dark coat and my height I tower over my Mom 
I'm a lucky girl ~!
I'm a lucky girl ~!
I'll be the best Mom
Our Sydney felt so bad for knocking the Tankster off the deck she never left his side after that 
This is Chris he is a part of our family and loves the dogs and pups Chris use to live here I've helped many kids around here who had no place to go nor the money or means to do it so even thou at that time I was so poor due to loss of income from my health I was raised that you can always put another cup of water in the stew~!~ 

Being here at Stargazers at least my back bone isn't sticking up 2 inches

              Greta Garbo XIV

Owned by Kimberly Jones  Greta is an awesome dog that I was truly blessed with after a very long expensive frustrating search.   Her first litter I had 'Breeders of show dogs calling about her pups but wanted her~!  One went up to $6,000 for her I also told her that She's Not For Sale. Greta has  perfect  confirmation and produces excellent pups who are also correct in confirmation.   
She's a perfect 25x25 square  AKC Standards for Confirmation she is well put together with that Beautiful Wedged head with that smooth dome between her ears that beautiful tapered nose plus her beautiful Mahogany eyes.
   A  dog doesn't have to have nothing but champions in their bloodlines, legendary lines who are heavily line bred dogs for them to produce greatness~!  She's already proven herself 
She is a Proven Producer of the Oversized King Size 'Doberman Pinscher'  
Her very first litter with Ab she produced 9 pups 7 boys and 2 girls Sydney came out of that first litter and as did Tenyu on the Greta Goblin page. 
 Her Litter with  'Wolfs Prentis Devil n Disgise' aka 'Goblin  she produced 4 King Size she only had 4 pups. 
Then her Breeding to Klassik-Alert Lobster.Russia owned by Jules Arais who is our Sister Breeder  Lobster is still working today in what he has Championed in Schutzhund 3  Greta proved once again that she produces Greatness    Greta who is the picture of health and is part of the only 25 % anymore who are Vwd Clears. 
I have over 41 years of experience owning and handling Dobermans and we didn't have all of this Genetic testing back when I started like they have now and I just tested her threw Vet Gen so that it was there in black and white what I already knew from the old time method for bleeders. 
Greta is a very healthy sound dog and it shows in her over all apperence how well cared for she is. Our Vet is so impressed with her coat and said she feels and looks just like shinny Velvet and her health shines threw on her coat all of our Dogs and Pups get a diet I designed and Cooked for them each and every day I call it their Bowl of 100 % of their daily requirements.  
I'm a firm believer that a dogs Health and their Behavior go hand in hand and here we breed for longevity and believe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure since our dogs are very Healthy, Health tested.  Greta is a King Size Over Sized Doberman  by weight she weighs 74 lbs.  She proves the dog makes the papers the papers don't make the dog. 

FREEDOM Sure makes a girl Tired ~!
We Provide allot of pictures to show just how our dogs live here at Stargazers they are very well behaved I've had 15 dogs living loose in my home and never once have I had any of my females have a diss agreement in the pack.
 I'm a strong pack leader and all I have to do is snap my fingers and they go lay down  their such sweet girls and we all miss Uncle Shaggy since Kayley had her baby boy on the 24th of June they have a nice place to start their family now. Thou they are missed. I'm a Grandma Again ~!~
Everything on this site the way it’s written, designed personal photo’s are Copy Written Property of Kimberly Jones / Stargazer Dobermans 
If caught writing in my style of writing due to my over 40 years of experience with this Majestic breed of dog my almost 39 years of breeding experience with Doberman Pinschers.
All my research that I’ve done since 8 years of age is considered Copy Write Infringement and after a warning given if you don't comply will go to court for fines. We’ve since day one when we were still a very private breeder since I come from a family of breeders my parents were dog breeders so I have a lifetime of experience in breeding dogs and we’ve always stated that were here for the life of your pup/dog~^~ I’ve had a problem that with a warning this person took what they stole off my website. They admitted to doing a control c and v I respect others websites and just request the same 
Also I’ve never heard these dogs called by the name Gladiator Dobermans again did this come from them fighting in the Ancient Roman Colosseum or the Greek Olympics’ ? In the 70’s during a huge peek in interest of this breed that some adopted the name Warlock to make them seem more valuable. Since this breed of dog came to America to save it from extinction during the first WW I the only term used for the Oversized Doberman is 
Goliath’s this came from the bible term David and Goliath in the 1930’s they adopted the name of King and it has stuck all these years now I’ve done my research about this very Magnificent breed of dog. What I’ve written about the wars is my experience growing up during the Viet Nam war my parents met at the end of WWII some of what’s written about the Devil Dogs I got threw the war department all the rest is my writings which all of what I write is Copy Written. our photo’s are protected by a no right click you can ask for written permission for any of our photo’s doing a control c & v now that’s Copy Write Infringement Please Respect I’m a very professional reputable breeder a full service breeder with references thank you Stargazer Dobermans / Kimberly Jones 

Stargazers Presents  Greta Garbo 
Here at Stargazers we call them what they are the
                     'King' of all dogs  
Shes such a beautiful girl our Greta a pefect 25x25 square in her confirmation thou she produces these tall athletic build puppies
Greta and Sydney taking a short break from guarding their place notice I said their place~!
Sydney and Greta at Play Greta likes playing so much more than Sydney does. Since Greta went to her second home in Arizona Syd has taken over on Guard Duty and is more concerned about that then playing
Mom and daughter playing my mouth is bigger than your mouth Sydney doesn't need to play that her mouth is bigger as she is bigger than her Dam
Greta copping a squat with Sydney on the couch at 8 months of age she sure caught up from being the runt~!  If Greta had a peanut butter and Jelly sandwich she'd be in heaven watching TV just bring her a TV tray then look at her awesome Mahogony eyes she is so perfect in every way Perfect Confirmati
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I just love this photo of her sleeping with her mouth open suitable for framing  check out her perfect teeth
Greta's body is that of an Athlete she is so well put together   These kind of Dams are rare these days and are very special.
Girls just wanna have fun~! Yeah Stargazer girls just wanna have fun ~!  We Breed Athletes that are ready willing to learn and work
Greta is an Athlete and she also produces Athletess
Greta says leave me alone can't you see that I'm watching Athony Bourdain one of my favorite shows Grammy doesn't like all the bad words personally I don't listen I just watch that awesome looking food you can mute if you want too~!~
Greta is my personal guard dog she has been taught the natural way to protect
She's my girl my Greta Girl who would give up her own life to save mine that my friends is the Doberman Pinscher
Always at the Steps to Welcome new friends and family with a friendly greeting
Our Beautiful Greta her inner beauty comes out to the surface 
She has a beautiful heart and would do what ever it takes to protect her family~!                   She is our Queen ~!
Dam who produces 'King Size Pups'
Greta copping a squat to take it all in she doesn't miss a thing and her favorite is going to town with me
Tetto decided he wanted to be in this picture oh Greybeard is such a great helper with the pups and teaches them that the little dogs rule the roost
It's nap time Miss Greta is worn out from just being Greta she's the bomb and such a great protector
What is she smelling don't even think that your going to get yourself a drink Syd those days are over with ~^~
Our Greta so perfect she's such a wonderful dog for whom is also my 'Guardian Angel'  My Grets
My Girl with that Super King Gene~!  Special ~!
Strike the Poise that's my Girl Greta always on point and always ready to work
That's our happy Girl Greta always curious as to what I'm doing all the time
Yes she's our Queen and Spoiled Rotten in the best way Greta is trained off leash and works great out in public. Does she look like she owns the place ?  She does thou it's was a tie but Syd has figured out just how big she is
Greta and Sydney have a great respect for one another they've never once fought thou they've warned each other they take heed to each others warnings and always back off they do just about every single thing together take turns preening each other
Our Sydney first a Princess now a Queen 
 Sydney and Greta hanging under the huge Willow tree You can tell Sydney is always looking for what might show up that she'll have to be on guard for.
I was level when I took this picture to show the difference in height between Syd and Greta  Greta is a proven producer of the King Doberman Sydney was the runt of the litter she still fit in the palm of my hand at 2 weeks of age she sure doesn't fit there now her paw is bigger than my palm.

This is Sydney flashing her
smile for which she does on command she's hanging  out with her bud Shaggy~!
she didn't smile as big as she normally does.
Sydney is an Awesome dog that is such an Athlete She's such a beautiful color and her coat is like glass
Taken 4/15/2010 As you can see that Sydney is very protective of Justin and didn't like the fact that Shaggy wanted some of his attention she's very protective of her inner family has also the size to back it up.
Justin Playing with Sydney she loves him so much she'll do anything he ask of her their a pair alright
Sydney is a huge girl gene stands for Genetic's
Sleeping Beauties that always hear me get the camera turned on here Sydney is just 5 months of age our girl Greta owned the couch back then before Sydney went into another growth spurt
Our Sydney right after her eyes opened they say the smallest is the runt but as most breeders know that the smallest is from the last breeding ~! 
Their not per say a runt but the youngest of the litter. 
Sydney is a extremely sturdy stout pup who can clear a 48 in
Sydney is just 14 weeks here and look at Greta already back into shape all dried up were very careful and take excellent care of our breeding bitches I have lifetime of knowledge on breeding dogs
Here our Sydney is just 4 months of age she's growing into such a huge girl
Kayley Justin's twin sister spoiling Sydney Rotten with love that is Our Sydney is a very well behaved girl and is great in public
Our Sydney at 5 months of age as you can tell she's staked claim on the couch look at the size of her paw's she's such a huge girl and so Beautiful she's a red version of Greta
I'm beat this growing thing sure wears me out I'm 7 weeks of age here and growing napping on MY COUCH~!~
This growing up thing sure wears a pup out you'll see me sleep allot Grandma massages our bodies for growing pains~!
It feels so good that all of us pups want it at once but Grandma keeps a log every day and we have to wait our turn 
Bummer it feels so good on our bodies while were growing so much ~
Yes I can pick up Rock Stations MTV and VH1 it's awesome look at the Snoop Dawg he can hear it also he's cool he plays with us pups well it's just me now and boy am I spoiled I'm well taken care of and have so many toys and cow hooves well their getting slim due to the re-call on them but our other
I told you I own this couch can't you tell I'm just a wee of a girl here at 7 weeeks of age but look at my paws and that will give you a hint of how big I'lm going to be
Mommy I thought that Grammy bought that toy for me ~?~
Okay will share I'm all about that ~!  I'm a very easy going pup ~*~ Grammy Loves that about me I just take life as it comes my way
I'm resting my head on my Uncle Shaggles I love him so much but he takes my toys but that's okay I share everything and he lets me climb all over him and bite him he doesn't care he's Uncle Shaggles
Here's looking at you baby
I know what your all thinking my my my she's so beautiful and my color is so awesome.
Your all Right I'm the Bomb
My left ear needs some work but look at ME~!  I'm perfect in every way I'm a King after all
See I told you that my left ear needed some more work Our ear Vet is a perfectionist and wants our ears to be perfect I love going there Wendy is so good to us pups
I know this looks pretty but I hate it ~!~  I'm a Athlete and this doesn't show all of my abilities
I'm getting pretty big I'm only 7 months of age here I'm a huge girl Grammy thinks I'm just so perfect
I'm7 whole months of age here look at my long legs I can jump anything
I'm 7 months of age here and taking over babysitting my half siblings Grammy says' I'll make a wonderful Mommy to my pups
I'll protect you my little Von Tankster
I'm just 8 months of age here and already tower over my Dam Greta My Mom already has her girlish figure back
This is Chris he pet sits us pups I love him so much I'm just a baby here
Yes I'm a lap dog My Justin and his Sis made me this way thou now I'm just to big to be a lap dog thou I do still try but never on Grammy she gives the best pets and I just love her cooking for me
Yep just 9 months old here I'm so beautiful in every way because my Dam Greta made me this way I take allot after her paint me black and rust and I look exactly like my  Dam
Yes I ham it for the camera I'm just that kind of Girl I love to show off see my very long legs that also comes from my Momma
This is our Beautiful Girl Greta her coat is very short and is just like velvet and shines like a new penny except a black one
I'm just 9 months old here look at my body laying over Justin's I'm such a big girl with that perfect barreled chest underneath
Of course a side view of my self I'm so perfect in every way and always on point and ready to work for I'm Sydney named after Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols
Don't worry Von Tank I'll protect you Mom is just a bit tiffed at you right now but I'll step up to the plate and protect you my little bro
So what you think Snoop Dawg what do you want to do next .Ah Sydney lets just hang out for a bit then Grammy will let us back in.
Sitt'in in the morning Sun I'll be sitting when the evenings done watch the pups go in then I watch them when they come back out to play because I'm sitt'in on the deck at my house watching the pups roll and play sitt'n on this deck of the house just watching time roll away
I'm so loved I'm so loved I love kisses on my cheek because I'm so loved
Justin put my shirt on because it's getting colder outside and nothing better than a thermal shirt to keep me warm not to mention I get some love I love you Justin
I'm to Sexy for my Shirt To Sexy For my coat To sexy for myself I'm just so darn sexy
Ah such is my life do I have it great or what>?  I do I get so much love and I'm spoiled with allot of attention
Snoozing with my bud Shaggles he's the bomb I'm tell'n ya he's a whole lot of fun and is so good to everyone he's a rescue my Aunt Kayley rescued him from a life of being a fighting pit look they cut his ears off with a pair of sissors how sad
So what now Shaggles what shall we do ??   Oh Sydney lets go and dig some holes you know that's my favorite ~!  Go right ahead Shaggles I think I'll stick this one out those holes make Grammy upset
Come into my home un-invited come on and see who my back up is if I don't get you the others will so Beware of Sydney I'm a very large girl
This is Sheri I really liked her she's very nice She's Ghost new mommy  he's now Mr Social Society
Can you see the smile on my face it's as big as Justin's hes so good to me ~*~  He takes me to town with him and I just love going to town the Pet Store is the Best
I'm so worn out we just got back from a ride to town we went everywhere some places I got to go in some I guarded my car
Yep this is me with my first brood of pups I had 6 boys and 2 1/4 girls until about 12 weeks of age then I had 3 girls I had the smallest pup ever whelped here at Stargazers
Yep heres that 1/4 of a pup at 5 days of age Grammy kept her in her pocket to keep her warm I'm very proud of the little Spider Monkey Girl  Alexis aka Sexy Lexi
Were treated so well here and I get 4 bowls of Milk a day M_M_M_ sure does taste good and grammy says it helps me get back in shape and stimulates milk production
Yep it's a beautiful day so why not take it all in and lay in the shade of all the tree's here
Went back to check on the pups and their was Greta being a Grand Dam to her grandbabies I couldn't keep her out since Sydney couldn't stand for the door to be closed and she wanted all her litter mates in there for company that's our Sydney
3 of Greta's Daughters what beauties they are  anyone know what's odd about this picture??????
She's such a great Dam to her pups and teaches them the ways of the pack so they get along well with all dogs thanks to proper up bringing
Greta with her bud Shaggles aka Shaggy I'm the one who calls him Shaggles because he's always so happy and such a great dog and protector
Greta with Sydney and Snoop Dawg planning out their day on what to do hum perhaps some pears out of the orchard ??????
Greta outside with her pups their dining All Fresco ~^~
Hanging out at the watering hole
Come on Mom I know you have a few more laps left in you please run with me I'm just a young lady and growing and need to stretch my legs come on Mom
Sitting here waiting on my brunch to be served it's really very good I invite you to have a bowl with me it's also good for you also
Shuuu  Greta is sleeping she loves to have her blanket on when she's napping Justin wrapped her all up and off to dream land she goes
Greta with Colt 45 at 11 weeks of age his body is almost as big as hers jhe came out of the Greta / Goblin Breeding
Nothing better than napping while watching TV
Yes I'm not so vain that I won't show this picture of me sleeping with my mouth open Hey everyone does it I sure didn't invent it I'll bet you've done it sometime in your life maybe even more than twice
Stargazers Russian Kharlotta 
Our Beautiful girl Kharlotta 
Just picked them up at the airport they were so scared  Kayley and I got them out at the airport and got them to a patch of grass out front and they pottied and then back in the backseat to her new home  Kharlotta is in front with Beta behind her
She sure is curious about that wagging tail on oh Shaggles they sure do miss him
Kharlotta is chasing Shaggy's tail their not so scared now with pups all you need is Uncle Shaggy he'll make them feel so secure
She's pretty scared first plane ride new home people she doesn't know a huge place from being in a small pen it's all very overwhelming to a young pup
She's already showing how much she likes the attention the camera gives her she's only been here for about 1 hour now
First hour and showing how she wants to dominate Beta
Hey your suppose to look this way Kharlotta oh so much to see this place is way bigger than that building Way Bigger
The ground smells different here hum smells like dirt instead of pine shavings
So what now ???  Do I get to see the rest of the place and meet any other dogs besides this one who keeps wacking me with that thing coming off of his rear end >?
Well are we just going to staned outside or are you going to invite me in ??  Now your calling the shots here I just arrived and the place has allot of great sniffs
I'm game how about you give us the guided tour of where are digs will be I've never been in a house before but I've overheard things about it threw the puppy grapevein
Oh I get it now your waiting for me to do something out here before letting me come in well it's been a long day of tavel I'm hungry and just want some chow and a place to rest my head
Okay Okay Okay I'll truy one more time but I can't make any promises
Who are they? They act like they don't know us so they must not know who we are either
Oh new dogs to meet is that all  there is?  No Kharlotta you still have to meet the commander in cheif Tetto and his leading man Snoop Dawg
Oh well how would they know who we are when we don't even know them or this place for that matter after all were just babies
Could you please do me a favor I know I just arrived and don't want to be a Diva here but could you take this old thing off my head it's been there forever
that night 
How's that Kharlotta is that much better oh my yes it is thank you so mcu
Kharlotta is on the right  she's 6 1/2 months of age here
Lying nose to nose with Greta here she's 5 1/2 months of age here
5 1/2 months here Kharlotta loves the Camera thou she could have backed up a bit and hid where my brother started my house on fire he haunts my home and he was mad at me that day and just tried to kill all of us I know sounds crazy but it's true
Her 7 month birthday she went into her playpen where her and Beta get their cooked meals and where they had to sleep while they were ill
Kharlotta being lazy thou she never misses that pre-flash and looks right at the camera born to be in the movies
Beautiful Kharlotta and  Sydney who is also a camera ham jumped up to be in the picture just as I took the shot to funny
Sandwiiched inbetween Greta and Sydney here at 7 months of age Sydney land Greta look like Giants compared to her
Same day Two Hams for the Camera
Kharlotta does have a goofy side to her most the time she's pretty serious thou
Stargazers Russian Beta  
   Stargazers Russian Kharlotta 

Breeder  Kimberly Jones 
Kharlotta was whelped in Arizona and didn't come to me until she was 14 weeks of age.  She's such a beautiful girl who takes after both her Dam Greta and her Sire Klassik-Alert Lobster.Russia owned by our sister breeder Jules Arias of Big Family Dobermans.  
 Kharlotta came out of a Clear/Carrier breeding were awaiting her results for her Vwd. 
Kharlotta has been fostered with one of our helpers Mel  who knows how to deal with pups who need this special kind of attention from being crated at such a young age she had no social skills when she came to us .  Sage who is a Dog Whisper worked with Kharlotta and made her such a loving dog for children and she would protect Sage with her life. 
 She was getting the proper Love and attention here but her wanting to dominate and Kill Beta had become a major problem in the pack when their outside never in the house or when I'm out there with them.
 So she was close to where I could see her and take her to town with me,  Mel  gave her lots of love and attention and shes just blooming being the only dog and not having to compete for attention.  
Mel said she is so funny she just had a ball playing with her and all the work little Sage gave to our beautiful 1/2 Russian Frahline  'Kharlotta' she's really a very good girl doesn't chew on anything but her bones and cow hooves she loves sleeping on the couch and at the end of my bed she's so very good about not hogging the bed she loves to spend her time back laying on my bed watching TV.   
       We have such high hopes for our dearest Kharlotta and now that she's done being fostered and is  back home here with me shes such a loving pup 
Theirs nothing better on the face of this earth than working with a couple of Marines talk about Get R Done Mel is retired and Marshall is still active Once a Marine always a Marine ~^~ Hoorah ~^~

That's Kharlotta of course beating the heck out of Beta
Again Kharlotta going after Beta this is the day after they came home and got their racks taken off
Greta showiing Kharlotta who the real boss is around here
What in the world is this??? whatever it is !  it's very tiny
Beta Beta Sweeta Beta 
Just got home from the airport picking up Beta with Uncle Shaggy to welcome her and make her feel at home since she was so scared
Beta such a sweet pup
She was so scared her first plane ride then going to a place she's never been before and getting lots of love and attention
it took them both a while before we could get them to come inside the house perhaps that was all new to them also
We finally did get them to come in and got those old racks taken off their ears
Kharlotta loves laying back on my bed with the travel channel on
Beta Beta Sweeta Beta
Beta in Front with Kharlotta and Greta and Sydney came out to meet them
Back before Beta figured out about the camera of course they had just gotten home from being picked up at the airport
Yep my racks have been cut off and I've had a bath and trying to take it all in and defend myself from Kharlotta
Yep that's me Sweeta Beta I love my toys I just want to get along with everyone I love it here the food is awesome and I get so much love and attention
Hey Grammy one of those little things running around here peed in the house and I stepped in it EWW
What the heck is this Grammy?
Yes that's my beautiful self  I have the tail of a Rottweiler perhaps even shorter
I am so beautiful says everyone I am so beautiful and so loving and so playful I love my toys so much
You bet this is my Santa hat I've had it since I came here and I won't let anyone play with it thou Pink is always eyeing it
Now you listen here Titan I'm telling you like I've told Pink that is my Santa Hat Grammy gave it to me and it's very special it was Grammy's Daddy's that he wore every Christmas my great granpa would be very proud that a Doberman ended up with it since I found it and wouldn't give it back
Grammy baited me for this picture since I figured out that pre-flash like I know how to open door knobs and turn on outside faucets I'm just amazing
I'd like to think that I own this couch but I don't I do own the love seat thou Greta Sydney and Pink sleep on the big one
Now this is the couch I own you all eat your hearts out because this one is mine as long as I've had my meds
Nobdoy tell Grammy that I have her slipper shuuuuuuuuu
Yes I got into trouble for digging holes Grammy said the evidence is on my nose I don't see it do you>??????
This is where I sit when Grammy is running that thing that makes a loud noise I don't think I'll ever get use to it
You bet I'm tired I've been so busy all day watching and learning how to do things
Oh boy here comes those long legged black things that run all over the house
What are those things someone let the inmates out of the asylum these guys are crazy little things their here their there their everywhere and to big to be Mighty Mouse
Yep that's me you can't keep me out away from those things that have now grown and are pretty fun
See I told you I own this couch thou I sure wish I owned the big one
Yep just a lazy day hanging with Grandpa Tetto he's pretty cool
Now you lay their Ghost and stay still I'm cleaning your ears then you can clean mine
Grammy said I get the day off so I'm taking advantage of it by taking a nap
That's right and I know how to use them
Yes I know I'm so beautiful Grammy says inside and out I just want to get along with everyone
Grammy says look at the camera so that everyone can see me I don't mind outside I just hate that flash get me some cool doggles
That's right I love my toys I really love the ones that sqeek sometimes I find it and just keep sqeeking it until Grammy says now Beta tha's enough ~!~
I have the big couch I have the big couch only cause Greta and Sydney are outside
I know what your thinking I do your all thinking she should get ahold of Heff and talk about being a Centerfold for Pet Mag
I could be the Pet of the year
I don't make eye contact with Kharlotta because she's just a bitch
See I don't mind outside Grammy loves this picture of me I'm Beta and don't you ever forget it
Stargazers Russian Beta 

Listed Breeder  Kimberly Jones 
Beta is such a sweet girl and has a wonderful nature about her like her sister she came to us very sick.  Our New Vet right away found out what was wrong with our Beta Girl she'll forever stay on our site but you can see her now on the Greta/Lobster page in her wonderful new home. 
Beta is well socialized in public going to the Vet all the time
We had many hopes and plans for Beta 
We call her not only Beta Beta Sweeta Beta but Baby Beta Girl  ~*~ 
Beta just wants to get along with everyone and play with her toys 
Beta from being crated so young has the maturiety of a 12 week old pup that's why she got along so well with the pups and no matter what I did she'd find a way to get in the pen with the puppies she just couldn't stand not being with in her mind pups to play with her own age. 
She loves to play with her toys and is such a loving and extremely funny puppy.
 I can't even think of her as a juvenile like Kharlotta because she is so young still in her mind our beliefs that their Health and Behavior absolutley go hand in hand with more of the proper love and attention she's getting here and with all the excellent Vet care she's gotten with our New Vet since he caught right away what the other didn't sometimes things in life happen for a very good reason to leave a Vet and find a better one.  
She is getting the best of care now since finding a great new Vet. We firmly believe now that she has been correctly diagnosed that her future is bright with the proper diet.  
For us we know that she'll mature very nicely she's very housebroke doesn't chew on anything she loves all the toys bones and cow hooves she can have to chew on and to play with. Beta is still a toddler and that's okay she's living the life she should have started out with in those precious first 14 weeks.
She wanted me to put on here that her name is a German name and it's prounounced Bee-ta not like the fish or video machine now that her new Mommy is German she know's the 
German name Beta Thank you so much Ted and Ellen for giving her the Perfect home. 
Thanks to our great Vet Clinic they asissted in finding her the perfect home you can see her now on the Greta /Lobster breeding since she came out of that litter.  DNA proved that. 
Beta always in our hearts and all the wonderful memories she gave to us with her goofy behavior now that she's in a very loving home for whom Ellen and Ted are very dedicated in her health more about Beta on the Greta / Lobster page 

You can see the happiness in Angel I promised her that I would never rack her ears again I figure at the age of 13 months was way long enough for any dog anything past the regular racking is in-humane we only crop our dogs with a humane cut which usually their only in racks for 3 weeks and their ears stand.  Instead of the strips for a show crop yes it's beautiful but what the dog has to go threw is months to over a year of having their ears racked. We crop ears for our clients at the cost of the of the buyer. We also ship our pups World Wide~!
 Kimberly Jones 
Finally caught Sydney Sleeping with her mouth open diffinately suitable for framing 
Beta Beta Our Beautiful Beta is such a sweet natured pup and so loved by all
Gottcha I tricked her with the pre-flash since Beta isn't to fond of the flash
That's our Girl Baby Beta
To Start off with is a picture of Greta and Sydney playing chicken Sydney is only 7 months of age in this picture. 
At Stargazers we breed the Oversized Doberman  our dogs are producers of the King Doberman Pinscher/Oversized since the term Goliath's hasn't been used since the 1930's Our dogs are very sound Large Superior Athletes and were very proud of the pups they produce very social and outgoing 
 Remember if you own a King Doberman you own the
                             'King' of all Dogs  
Our Beautiful "King" of                           "Queens"
Stargazers Presents Sid Vicious aka Sydney 
Stargazers opinion on Crates and their proper use
Our Stargazer Girls
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