Philosphy & Policy's
 We always welcome people to come and visit our place by appointment only and see our dogs  thou when we have a litter of pups we don't allow any viewing of the pups until their 4 weeks of age it just stresses out our females to much having strangers around their new young ones.
Were very proud of our breeding program always keeping in mind breeding for the Betterment of the King Size/Oversize Doberman and not going so far off the scale that they loose their agility and stealth like abilities we have bred some tall dogs males who are  33 inches in height  females can also be tall but our males some can be quite tall all measure perfect in Confirmation and have their stealth like abilities Our Sydney can sneak up on you and you never seeing her coming. 
We have kept in mind in our breeding keeping with the integrity of the breed and knowing just because the AKC has their Standards with this breed as with all  breeds of dogs that they register we believe with the description of this dog now being classified as just a  Medium Size dog well they use to be classified as a med/large breed for us anything weighing over 60lbs. in weight is considered a large dog the AKC has told their Judges to let up on the Oversized Doberman let their performance be judge by their abilities and we've broken threw all the working classes and now since their registering Labradoddles  and other mixed breeds that one day will break threw Confirmation.   Here we fight for their right to be shown like any other dog being let into the AKC we breed dogs perfect in Confirmation and their beautiful and well put together with a great drive to learn and protect we breed allot of show poteinials but our goal here has always been to breed great Guard Dogs for Families and will keep up that with Healthy health tested females. 
        We've always preferred the Oversized Doberman meaning Large everyone has their preferences on many things being political what have you,  I encourage and don't discourage anyone in their life or in their breeding practices their preferences in the size of dogs they breed I'm very respectful of others opinions and hope they do the same for all breeders and owners out of our love for just this breed of dog weather your wanting a medium size dog or a Oversized King Size dog for which here is what we proudly breed and have since 1971. 

Were very excited with the addition of our new sister breeder Jules Arias of Big Family Dobermans @ Desert Legends East  so that when we don't have pups here at Stargazers Jules is a great breeder and protection specialist were here to provide protection dogs for those who are having security issues stalking and other problems with security you might have were here to provide you with a good bred healthy pup or we can direct you to a trainer for the training necessary for home and personal security thou the Dobermans Natural instinct is to protect and that is bred into them it's not a learned behavior. 

Their futures are endless as are their learning capabilities many are prime candidates for Schutzhund all  are Prime Candidates as a Service dogs, Therapy Dogs the list is endless. 
When buying a pup from Our Family  we have several interviews with future clients because they'll always be the babies that we raised.  We do backgrounds on all who buy our pups never having a pup we've bred ending up in a rescue or the Humane Society or worse the Pound.
We reserve the right of refusal to sell any person or person's a pup due to the extensive backgrounds we do on a future client that's how we've kept our pups in their homes for life.
To get that reputable breeder HTLM code on my pages.
 I had to be investigated to receive it, The Investigation took 3 weeks to do a thorough background of my breeding practices for the past  39 years.     I gave my maiden name my parents  brothers and my children's  since they bred Miniature Pinschers well they were all born in my bed but anyway they couldn't find one complaint in all these years from any agency  club persons including the AKC UKC and the CKC~^~
The only way to get that code is to open yourself up and your breeding practices to be investigated I welcomed it.
  Our contract states we get first rights and will take back any puppies that we sell our contract is black and white we completely support the pups we sell.  Again we are a full service breeder and back up what we say ~^~
We know very well  the importance of socializing Doberman Pinscher pups at a young age and we just want to make sure that our pups are going on the right path so that their path to their future families is a smooth one.  We practice everything as humanly as we can for the love of this Majestic breed of dog. 

Our Family here at Stargazers have so much fun raising our babies to be your future babies and ones that you'll be happy with were so very sure of that~! 
At Stargazers you choose a pup but we choose you~!   We breed for Longevity so that our pups have a healthy long living lives with their new families. 
Our pups are pre-reserved  for the natural ear you have to get your order in early to have the background done  in a timely fashion a non-refundable deposit is then to be made to hold your pup everything is explained in our Welcoming letter to the World a your new Stargazer Hand Raised  Puppy. 
Were very fortunate that our pups have gone to great homes for us that's the most important ~!
We raise truly special pups and they only go to truly special people and I feel very blessed that I've chosen so wisely.
            Our dogs live in our house with us that's what makes great family pets they have to be a part of the family  their are only shipping crates and just 1 that I use for transporting or I use it to train the pups so that they are use to going in and out of a crate.  
We have huge shade trees and  large pens for the dogs to get their daily exercise because were all a family here and always have been.  We don't now or have considered our self's a Kennel were a Doberman Pinscher family who are against our puppies spending long hours in crates thou were not against pups being put in a crate for up to 4-5 hours per day we do understand that people must work ~!  Crates are for shipping dogs not for them to live in,  for those who buy our pups we recommend playpens just anything big enough for your pup to move around in and stretch since they sure do allot of that during their growth periods.

Were against keeping your puppy in crates for long periods of time we've seen first hand in our own experience and that of rescuing some Dobermans in 09 from a Puppy Mill in Colorado and it does effect their Social Skills.  
I trust the puppies that I raise to live loose in my home their paper trained I can run to the doctor and some errands and come home and their all just playing with their toys nothing is chewed up or torn up. 
 Raising great sound ready to work for you pups who have gotten the correct stimulation this breed requires to make them the very social puppies that run up to greet you or do their job  at a very young age such as Zep very much the Guard Dog  as a very young pup and a very prime candidate for Schutzhund. Zep started showing his skills at 9 weeks of age.  We have high hopes for our 7 Litter Diesel pup his guarding skills are excellent as is his very High Intelligence were very proud of how big he's getting and how quickly he catches on to each new task.
We health test our dogs and our pups go threw 3 check ups before going to their new homes and our pups only go to approved homes.   We raise the Total Doberman just in a larger size their not new to this breed they came over in 1908 along with the rest of them and I've yet to have any health problems in my 39 years of breeding and this July it will be 42 years of owning these majestic dogs we only have a few litters per year so that all of our puppies get individual 
  attention that they require to become social out going loving puppies. 
Our Philosophy is raising healthy highly intelligent long living companions, protectors, who's futures are endless in what you want out of them their willing and ready to learn read  what testimonials that we've gotten posted so far we have references upon request 

Thank you  so much

Breeder/ Puppy Trainer
Kim Jones 
Our Policies haven't changed in 41 years the great teachings of my parents they always had the best advice and being dog breeders I learned everything from them my Mentors my Parents my Best Friends.  
Ethic's has always been apart of my breeding practices I've been calling them Kings since 1971 with my first litter when I was 14 years of age again the great advice from my father being these are the ones to breed being King Size their of good size to protect yet still agile enough to keep their stealth like abilities.    When I was a child my father was born in 1921 very wise man and both my parents were such loving giving people. 
We Breed for Not only Beauty but our pups have Great Temperaments Willingness to Work, Guard and Protect~!  Ready and wiling to learn and not bounce off the walls unless spoiled rotten and they inmates have taken over the aslum. 
We choose Quality Sires to breed our Females too always keeping the same vision going we as breeders here want to breed responsibly and always for the Betterment of the King Size Oversized Doberman  keeping them healthy from their nose to their tails.  

   Will always be  a family based breeder with the very same Goals that started so long ago with the advice of my father and now with my son Justin who is the greatest help he's always been there for me threw all the rough times of Chemo now Justin  has decided that he wants to continue with the family operation by breeding King Doberman Pinschers since he was raised around them he also has a lifetime of breeding experience from growing up around them, sleeping on them and having them Guard and Protect him he knows this breed of dog extremely well their Wonderful Minds~!   Justin has the right stuff to do this all on his own someday when he chooses for now he's enjoying being a single man his own man.  After his entire life growing up around breeding dogs and horses.  Watching his Mother dock tails and dews and told that once again were having puppy tail soup boy the kids were always picking threw their dinner those nights.  Tee Hee  Triple Giggles. 

  We do not sell any of our puppies with any breeding rights thou under our contract we allow for our pups to be shown in all AKC events including Confirmation then we back those pups with full breeding rights and give them a web page of their own to Promote their Stargazer Bred Puppy. 
Our Breeding rights are earned not given or sold to anyone with the money we want our pups futures to have a plan weather it be for home and personal protection or the show ring. 
This is our Policy now and will remain so were here to Breed and Raise Great Doberman Pinschers who make 'Great Guard Dogs' for Families and for Show.

That's  our Policy's here at Stargazers because we care very much where our babies go and their futures.  Should a Client want to take their dog all the way and Title them were very Proud to have the pups that we breed and raise to become Champions and Title in whatever event they are entered into not excluding anything~!  We don't sell breeding rights their earned and we reward greatly those whom Champion out their puppies by giving them their own Web Page that has their information on it,    It's their page only they earned it. 
 We raise our babies to be indoor dogs so that their ready for your house and you'll soon notice as my clients have if they're treated with loving care they'll stake claim on what's yours because then it becomes his or hers and they'll Protect your family and all your belongings even down to the car they ride in. 
 Our Family sends out Newsletters and Alerts on new items such as recalls on Food and Treats  health issues,training tips were here for the life of your pup for questions or concerns  That lifetime of experience I have there isn't a question that I can't answer. 
For myself there isn't a more Intelligent dog on the face of this Earth nor a more loving, caring and protective.  They'll lay down their own lives to save your families. We sell   'Guard Dogs'   Pet/Companions future Champions~!~  and dogs for futures as Service Dogs for the Handicap 

Our pups are very healthy their taken to the vet for regular check ups and anything else that might come up.  I've yet to have any health problems in the over 41 years of owning and breeding these Majestic Dogs We breed over the higher end of Standard for both sexes.   We only sell Healthy High Quality Pups~!  That are health and hip  guaranteed~! 
thank you     
 Kim Jones
Stargazer Dobermans 

All  the pups you see here on our site are the pups we've bred most recently we have several albums of the pups we've bred threw out the past 39 years on Face Book 

 Kim Jones  
620-545-7571 for cells and out of the Wichita dialing area calling from Wichita,Ks 
If no answer please leave a message on the machine and your call will be replied were out caring or working the dogs 
Best Contact threw 
Everything on this site the way it’s written, designed personal photo’s are Copy Written Property of Kimberly Jones / Stargazer Dobermans 
If caught writing in my  style of writing due to my over 40 years of experience with this Majestic breed of dog my almost 39 years of breeding experience with Doberman Pinschers.
All my research that I’ve done since  8 years of age is considered Copy Write Infringement and after a warning given if you don't comply will go to court for fines. We’ve since day one when we were still a very private breeder since I come from a family of breeders my parents were dog breeders so I have a lifetime of experience in breeding dogs and we’ve always stated that were here for the life of your pup/dog~^~ I’ve had a problem that with a warning this person took what they stole off my website.  They admitted to doing a control c and v I respect others websites and just request the same 
Also I’ve never heard these dogs called by the name Gladiator Dobermans again did this come from them fighting in the Ancient Roman Colosseum or the Greek Olympics’ ?  In the 70’s during a huge peek in interest of this breed that some adopted the name Warlock  to make them seem more valuable.   Since this breed of dog came to America to save it from extinction   during the first WW I  the only term used for the Oversized Doberman is 
Goliath’s this came from the bible term David and Goliath in the 1930’s they adopted the name of King and it has stuck all these years now I’ve done my  research about this very Magnificent breed of dog.  What I’ve written about the wars is my experience growing up during the Viet Nam war my parents met during WWII some of what’s written about the Devil Dogs I got threw the war department all the rest is my writings which all of what I write is Copy Written.   our photo’s are protected by a no right click you can ask for written permission for any of our photo’s  doing a control c & v now that’s  Copy Write Infringement Please Respect I’m a very professional reputable breeder a full service breeder  with references thank you  Stargazer Dobermans / Kimberly Jones 

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Below is Vi Vicious laying on the Chair with of course Gracie watching TV with God of War on the floor 
Gracie is still for sale with her ears cropped $1,250 
She's very smart and learned how to jump on the furniture and plays Queen on the Mountain.
Were very Proud of the Pups that we Breed their all very healthy pups 
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