Sydney/Midnight Stone Breeding
The Pop Up Windows are gone and I've been blessed with such great pictures take a view of what our Sydney and Stone Produced enjoy viewing the pictures  

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Here at Stargazers we Breed the Oversized Doberman also known as 'Kings' All these pups have been Vet checked before going to their new homes and all have been given a clean bill of health.
We breed for the Betterment of the Oversized Doberman We'd rather be known for breeding Superior Dogs. Our call is Live Life Long with Longevity ~^~ 
Introducing Stargazers Midnight Dancer 
Introducing Stargazers Midnight Hollie 
Introducing Stargazers Midnight Alexis aka Sexy Lexi 
Introducing Stargazers Midnight Clash of Titan 
Introducing Stargazers Midnight Jedi Knight 
Introducing Stargazers Midnight Ghost 
Introducing Stargazers Midnight Led Zeppelin 
Stargazer Dobermans 
Sydney /Stone Mating 
Yes another important event I attended at the Winery I like to greet everyone that walks by our table
Since there are so many pups in this litter we've changed back to photo gallery that will have a prev and next so that the boxes 
Sydney - Midnight Stone mating 
Stargazers Midnight Niko 
Awesome Niko so beautiful Niko is now taller than his Sire Stone who is 29 inches in height were so proud to present Niko 
Stargazers Midnight Dancer 
Dancer  Girl is 10 months of age in this picture she's always on point and doing what she was bred to do  I was so lucky to have Dancer come back here to stay while her parents couldn't and since they drive right by I wanted to have her back here with me shes a very watchful pup playful yet very serious 
Hollie is a very goofy playful pup this is one of my favorite pictures of her don't let the playful picture fool you she is a very watchful pup she goes from window to window guarding what in her mind is hers.  Were very proud of our pups 
Miss Alexis is the smallest pup I ever whelped and has turned out to be one of the tallest females out of this litter and their all still growing this is one of my favorite Patriot photo's of her she is my crowning achievements  weighing only 19 grams at birth and now she's this nice tall girl My little Spider Monkey Girl 
Clash of Titan is a very large pup he plays fetch very well 
Jedi goes to the beach allot his mama has taught him all kinds of tricks all the males from this litter are going to be well over the higher end of standard Jedi's mama has sent me Video's of the tricks he's learned he's clicker trained 
Ghost is a very large tall male he can barely walk under the dinning room table he does very well in the Social Life in Texas still will protect his owners with his life he has his own bedroom with his own bed 
Led Zeppelin is a Massive male go threw his pictures just to get a feel for the size of this Massive male he's a very good watch dog and very playful with his family in his Photo Gallery is a picture of him next to the kids and his body is so massive against Cody who is a teenager 
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