USMC Devil Dogs
No one likes to see this man for all the War Crimes he committed~!  Adolf Hitler committed Genocide known as the Holocaust~!
During WWI the Doberman Pinschers were used as Soldiers and saved many German Lives~!
During WWII Aldof Hitler almost ruined the breed~! By making War Dogs out of them and bred only for aggression~! to attack and messengers.  At the end of the War in 1945 Adlof Hilter married his long time Mistress Eva Braun and 2 days later they both committed Sucide together.  What Adolf Hilter did to the 'Doberman Pinscher'  took 30 years of careful breeding to make the Doberman Pinscher the dogs they are today in Europe and America            Hitler was a coward in real life and in death

  Here we are~! We came We                 'Conquered'
These are just a small percent of the Dogs that saved so many lives and took so many islands these Majestic dogs that I'm so proud to own and breed were a huge part of saving
               Australia and our Country~!
  They should be honored here like any other Soldier the Whole World was at War During those times I wasn't yet born but my parents lived threw that Era  ~!
They were awesome they were
Doberman Pinschers during those horrible times they were also     

I just couldn't end this part of this page without mentioning the 'German Shephard' who without them many men would have died in Viet Nam they have served every branch of the Military still do to this day .  Thou my love for the Doberman Pinscher is endless~!  I respect those who have served to protect our Men and Women. No matter what the breed is~!                                                                                 This is to Honor the dogs of Viet Nam~!
I grew up threw the Viet Nam War and lost too many close to me my Parents great friends who had lost their youngest son Alan after they finally got onto base housing  a drunk driver hit him Alan was just 4. Their oldest Son Georgie didn't have to serve on the front lines but he did~! he was a 'Master Serg Gunnery' 'Helicopter' in the 'United States Marine Corp'

His helicopter was shot down on my birthday in 1967 and was found a year later in 1968 he was still strapped in his gunnery seat 1 mile outside of Siagon in tall Elephant grass on my birthday his gravestone bares the month and day of my birth. That war was very close to me loosing so many loved ones and what Agent Orange did to many of my family members it killed my cousin Butch and reeked havic in Rays health also in the Marines his platoon were out hunting for the Viet Cong and found themselfs surrounded by them like all servicemen he called in the fast movers and got shot and filled with srap metal but as he said all Marines would rather be killed by friendly fire than by the Viet Cong who would take off our servicemens heads and stick them on a stick. Like all Marines on the front lines he was sprayed directly with Agent Orange used to kill the under brush in the jungle and ended up with a tumor the size of a basketball growing in his abdomen. Then Lynn what that man saw he never overcame he turned to drinking and went crazy no one to this day knows where he is. He's been declared dead now. 
Then seeing what it did to my brother when he came home on leave he just wasn't the same brother I had grown up with   I believe he suffered from PTSD and a depression he never over came.  When on leave I went to wake him up one morning and got a gun pointed in my face he just was never the same  .  R.I.P my brother Bradley  1952-1998
The biggest battles during Vietnam were from 1965-1974 the first were known as the 'Johnsons Wars' I can remember the advertisements for his bid to be re-elected it was the Atom Bomb going off like if you didn't vote for him we would all perish~!
Then the 'Nixon Wars' he proved not to be conservative as people had thought some of the biggest battles were fought during his first term.
I never once protested against the Viet Nam War thou I didn't agree with it.  It wasn't right for our men and woman over there dying for a country for what reason? but no matter what to treat them so badly when they came home. They didn't come home to a ticker tape parade like our boys of WWI and WWII and Korea.
Those Americans should be ashamed of them selfs and ask what they would do to Serve their Country?
The Rev Fred Phelps of this world should be more aware of where there going after death then to reek havoic in the lifes of the Parents who have lost a Father Son  Mother Daughter Brother Sister and Cousin .  People can be cruel in this world with their opinions it's not our choice to go to any War but we should always support the Men, Women and Canines who have served and are serving for us  still today in Iraq and Afganistan. All over the World ~!  God Bless our Men and Women and Canines. Be Proud you live in a country that you can express yourself just do it in a positive way~!   ~*~God Bless Us All~*~

If you've ever had anything to do with the White/Albino Z-Factor Doberman please don't contact me anymore they don't have 'Pink Eyes' they have blue eyes very rarely are they pink their not blind all the pictures I've had sent to me are all taken at night because of their pink skin their so  prone to skin cancer ~!  They all trace back to one female named Sheba and I don't want this in my breeding program nor do I want the pups that I breed to sell to other breeders to have had anything to do with the WZ Dobermans in their
Breeding Programs Ever~!             
I've always had a very structured breeding program in what I look for in a potenial pup or dog I might bring into my program. Or Sires that I breed to.
I take awesome care of my dogs I truly feel instead of sticking all those pills down a dogs throat they can get all the nutritions they need in food that I cook for them it's fresh and some ingredients are organic. 
In my 38 years of owning and breeding these Majestic Dogs My Dams I've had threw out the years have only Produced the two 'Dominate Colors'.
I've always bred for  Health, Highly Intelligent Beautiful Dogs with Wonderful Temperaments.  'Wonderful Family Dogs'
  Buying a Doberman Pinscher is something that I discuss with my potential clients to make sure if you've never owned one before it will be the right dog for you and your family.
Socializing them as a pup at home with friends and family and out in public is so important when their young to get along well with other dogs and animals it teaches them to be great family dogs and also friend from fo ~!  when they become adults. All my dogs and pups live with us thats how you get great family pups who are ready for their new homes.
Doberman Pinschers for myself are the Greatest Dogs ever bred thank you Louis Doberman and Otto Goeller~!
  Our program is Balanceed with the proper Exercise it's a very important element that the Doberman Pinscher needs due to their breeding my dogs are mellow they get the proper exercise they require.   Also giving them boundries~!  Their Intelligence is so high that you must be a strong pack leader or they'll rule the house for you~!

I'm very Proud of the dogs that I breed I've remained very private all these years and decided to see about selling a litter online~! It went very well so then  I decided that if I could build a 'Website' I would go completely public an see what would happen and since I published it on 7/1/09 then  I added the counter over a month ago~! on  8/26/09 I've gotten calls about my website all positve~!  A gentlemen from Austin Texas called and talked to me for 2 hours just about my website and dogs that he really liked it that most of the others all had a dark theme hard to navigate He felt that mine is light and happy.  I provide allot of pictures of my pups I breed Athletic dogs that could go out for a bike ride with you.

I prefer positive I believe it just works better  It's more important to please my clients ~!  I don't believe in judging anyone in life and in breeding dogs. 
I know that Herr Karl Friedrich Louis Doberman would be proud of the dogs we breed. Since we breed them for 'Protection' that was Louis Dobermans Goal ~! Otto Goeller's also ~!  They make Wonderful Dogs for the Handicap ~!
I'm so very proud of the dogs I provide for those who need.
  Everyone deserves to have a Doberman Pinscher if they want one and it's the right dog for them  for Protection or just a great Companion  they don't have to show and  Greta has no Champions in her pedigree but produces awesome large pups/dogs
I'm getting ready to publish my page of dogs of How I began loving the Doberman Pinscher. 
  Back in the 60's and 70's that's all you saw with the Military and Police      Were Doberman Pinschers~!
After careful breeding the Doberman was reinstated now he could work with more than one handler. Thou all dogs that work for the Military/Police now only work with one handler and live with that handler thou their family is not allowed to play or engage the dog.  Until it's retired and they always stay with their handler after their Service is up.

Our future plans were building huge pens that each will  all have very good shelter were planting trees in all of them for shade for each dog.  Since I use to breed horses and dogs I have plenty of property to expand and give each dog a huge area to live in so they can get the exercise they need.
I miss them so bad but with my health I had to sell my 7 horses.
I did have 11
I'm only wanting 2 more females and then find the right Sire ~!
Were planning many other projects that are in the works and planning stage I'll keep you updated as the plans take effect.
Were looking for dogs that are producers of large Dobermans I can eye dogs a dam and sire and be very accurate if they'll produce the larger Doberman Pinscher
I respect everyones Idea of what they want in their Dobermans.
From Personal Protection for your family or the Size dogs it takes for the Handicap~!   I've always Provided~!  Fantastic Family Dogs~!
All of my children were raised with large Dobermans I use to find Justin asleep on Buddy a male I got back threw Divorce they fought over the dog so the Judge made them find him a new home so they gave him back to me.
He was a great protector of my children and was such a great addition to have back in my family. 

Some history: about the Doberman Pinscher Like all dogs from Tiny ones to the Large Breeds they all descended from the Wolf.
Most Dog Breeds were created to accomplish a particular task from Sporting Dogs, Scent Dogs, Cadaver Dogs, Police Dogs, Dogs who saved lives in War Times from WWI for the Germans on ,  Their great dogs for nothing more than companionship to 'Protection from Harm'.
Herr Karl Friedrich Louis Doberman had in mind when he started creating the dog who takes his name.
Herr Doberman firmly believed that he could create a dog that would fit his life and his job and the duties he performed. So in the 1880's he embarked upon a plan to produce a breed of dog that could protect him as he performed his duties as a night watchman / tax collector /  night police officer/ rent collector. Herr Doberman was the towns Offical Dog Catcher and keeper of the local dog pound.
Being from the City of Apolda a State of Thurinaga Germany  Doberman had access to many breeds of dogs to create his own dog.
Record indicate that a breed known as the German Pinscher the breed was of good size very alert and had a very aggressive attitude. This is the dog that Herr Doberman choose to  create and establish his own breed he  added the blood of the Rottweiler and the Old German Shepard that now is extinct. He used the Rottweiler for it's courage and tracking abilities the Old German Shepard for some of the same abililties it could track and was couragus it was athletic. The resulting progeny were a medium sized dog black in color  heavy for it's size and aggressive.
They became known as 'Doberman Dogs'

Herr Doberman wasn't satified with this results so far
He wanted a combination of power with a sleek and agile appearance with stamina and speed so yet another cross came in and he bred in the Old English Greyhound a large dog who was Fast, Sleek, Extremely  Powerful, Had Stamina and was Agile in Apperance.
Karl Fredrick Louis Doberman born January 2 1834-1891
  His Protege` continued in his mentors lines to create these Wonderful dogs from being Doberman Dogs to Doberman Pinschers.
( the word Pinscher is German for 'biter' )

Herr Goeller felt the dogs were to heavy for their size so he added the Manchester Terrier at that time a much larger breed of dog than today  he wanted to slim the dogs out and from this cross came a much smoother coat and gave the Doberman it's distinctive markings it's elegant head  the Manchester made the Doberman from a Doberman Dog to a Doberman Pinscher   it's not all quite clear since they didn't keep allot of records~! but some think that the Great Dane and  Wiemmeriner was added~!
Thus adding the Wiemmeriner also gave the Doberman Pinscher even more hunting  ablilities~! and sharpened it's tracking skills they can be trained to point and flush out birds. Many believe the addition of the two last dogs gave the Doberman Pinscher it's 4 colors two of which are dilutes.
Thou their the only breed of dog Bred for Protection they also are a all purpose dog.      'The AKC first registered them in 1908'
The Doberman Pinscher is the only breed of dog bred specifcally for 'Personal Protection' threw many years of careful breeding they fast became Wonderful Family Dogs that will protect the entire family from harm they will lay down their own lives to protect their family. I love these dogs and will forever promote them as the great family dogs they are.

Viet Nam Memorial
The Women of Viet Nam
To the Rev. Fred Phelps find another country and get out of the United States your no Man of God more like the Devil n Disgise.
                                                                                      Support our Troops
Get involved with our Service Men, Women and their Canines.  during Viet Nam we use to make up boxes with goodies from home the most they wanted was Kool-Aid since the water was so bad non-perishable things call get donations from businesses have a garage sell a bake sale,  that's what we did and the entire Kitchen would be loaded down with stuff to put into each box and send it to our Men and Women and throw in some bones for our Canines who in all our wars have given their lives to save those of our Children  serving our Country  Never take for granted the freedom we all live each day of our lives. Learn to love thy Neighbor as thy Self don't we have enough going on in our world do we need to make it with each other? Stop bassing each other and make a difference in the world we live in~!   God Bless America  ~^~In Dobermans We Trust ~^~
'Marine Corp Soldiers'
       Hoorah ~!
It took Two of these Atom Bombs named the Fat Man and the Little Boy to end the War in the Pacific
The Doberman Memorial in Guam listing all the Devil Dogs who lost their lives in the line of duty
a friend said that the Doberman did serve in Viet Nam but I couldn't find any photo's of it thou he said they were in his platoon.  I believe one here in America is long over due
          ~*~Doberman Pinscher~*~
the Offical Combat Dog for the USMC of WWII
                                 "Always Faithful"
This is a model of Kurt an Heroric Doberman Pinscher who served in WWII 'Devil Dog'  I've been breeding Kings long enough to know that Kurt was a King Doberman as Many were.  Kings have the longer legs and body yet keeping their agile stealth like abilities
On a rocky island off the coast of Guam, a Marine line officer named William Putney was leading his men on a mission to flush out enemy soldiers. Cappy, one of his faithful scouts, went ahead. "Cappy suddenly alerted that there were enemy ahead," Mr. Putney recalls. "A shot rang out and it hit Cappy and he jumped up in the air about three or four feet and fell dead." Forwarned, the Marines were able to take the rocks, killing five Japanese soldiers and taking one prisoner.  Proves that a Doberman Pinscher will give their life for many~!
A half-century has passed since that September day in 1944 when a Doberman named Cappy saved Mr. Putney's life, but the former Marine veterinarian has never forgotten.
Mr. Putney and other survivors of the 2nd and 3rd war dog platoons will honor their canine comrades with a granite memorial at Naval Station Guam, part of ceremonies marking the 50th anniversary of the island's liberation. Mr. Putney, the driving force behind the memorial. "The reason is, these dogs lived in foxholes with their men. Their handlers killed 301 enemy soldiers with the loss of only one of my men on patrols. So the fact that these dogs were killed instead of us and kept us from ever being ambushed or surprised at night makes them heroes in my mind." The first casualty came July 23, when a Doberman named Kurt was wounded by a Japanese grenade. He was the first to be buried in what would become the war dog cemetery. More followed. In all, 24 war dogs were buried on Guam, Mr. Putney says. The other Tam was buried at sea off Asian Point.
After the war, Mr. Putney moved to the Los Angeles area and started a veterinary practice. 
Thou he never forgot the war dogs. In 1989 he returned to Guam to visit their graves and was dismayed to find the cemetery overgrown and neglected. Mr. Putney found a new home for the cemetery at the naval station and worked with the United Doberman Club on the memorial. He donated a granite monument that will be inscribed with the names of the dogs and the fate of each. It will be topped by a life-size bronze statue of a sitting Doberman, titled "Always Faithful"   "Kurt"
When I heard about it I was in tears," she says. "Here are dogs that have saved ... American lives. They're finally getting their due." I'd say that 50 years was long overdue for all these Majestic dogs did for our men during the war in the Pacific.
On Guam, dog and handler made a formidable scouting team, Mr. Putney says. That made the end of a partnership all the more poignant.
The day Cappy was shot, his handler, Pfc. Stanley Terrell, ran to the dog's side to cradle the bloody corpse. "Some photographer came up," Mr. Putney says. "Terrell looked at me, tears running down his face..."I said, 'Go take your pictures somewhere else.'"
If not for Mr Putney the Doberman Memorial most likely would have never been erected and put up. As I said before they were a forgotten part of History a sad forgotten part of History for all the men they saved from the Japanese. They played a huge role in the freeing of those Islands and saving our men from being ambushed~!   They were soilders that helped save mens lives and were good companions to their Handlers. If it weren't for the dog platoons we would have lost allot more lives in the Pacific. The would have lasted longer until technology caught up meaning dropping those bombs.
Every Life Every Soldier in every war are all worth saving their our Men Husbands Fathers Uncles ~*~ Women Mothers Wifes Aunts our Canines they should be treated like Hero's for risking their lives it might not be a war that we all agree with.  Blame our Governmant not those risking their lives doing their jobs ~*~   God Bless our Hero's each and every one of them they deserve it ~*~  Support all those who risk their lives to save ours

A Doberman going threw it's  Schuntzhund training Look at the size of this Doberman compared to the man in the foam suit.
That is an Over Sized Doberman Pinscher
Their are Doberman Pinschers in the middle on both sides of this Graduating class of the Army and Navy
Dog Platoon waiting patiently for their handlers to give them their cue to come up next to them.  Their in training here~!
Below are some of the Gunnery Helicopters used in Vietnam
Below is the 105 mm. Howitzer Motor Carriage.  My Cousin Butch in the Marines was in a deep fire fight his duty was firing the cannon after so many shells being shot out of the Howitzer during this battle they didn't have time to cool the barrel off by usually throwing wet blankets on it. He pulled the trigger and it back flashed all over his face neck and chest. When he came back I didn't reconize him his face was black with imbedded gun powder he like so many was sprayed directly with Agent Orange.  It took his life ~!
24 USMC 'Devil Dogs' buried in Guam who gave their lives to free that Island in 1944 the 25th 'Tam' was buried at Sea off Asan Point~! They served as Sentries, Messengers and Scouts and in the Infantry. We couldn't have done it as well with out them ~!
      Marine Corps'' 1st War Dog Platoon On Bougainville
The Pacific Battles
The Germans also used the Doberman Pinscher in WWI and WWII
Marine Devldogs lived a military life in the Corp. Roll call  and inspection was regular routine, except in combat of course out in the field is was all about their duties as a Soldier.

Marine And His Wounded Dobe Peppy  On Guam,in  1944.

Andy a great Doberman Pinscher who was 1 of a  few who worked off leash he was a Dobe who was very much aloof to the dogs Andy was also a
Oversized Doberman
Lansley and Mahoney worked Andy off leash
he was one of the few dogs with this ability.

Marching Devil Dogs in Training  having experience in handling
dogs wasn't a requirement due to all thier war training  by where these dogs come up on their handlers most are Oversized Dobermsns
Marine Corps'' 1st War Dog Platoon On Bougainville.
Devil Dogs getting off for a beach landing on Bougainville
Soldier in the field with a wounded  Devil Dog these soldiers knew how valueable these dogs were to their very lives 
Soldier getting so much needed rest while his
Doberman kept Watch~!
Mahoney with Andy he was one of two of Andy's Handlers
Lt. William Putney left with a Doberman and Traveling crate on their way to Guadalcanel
The USS Arizona on the attack of Pearl Harbor
The aftermath of the  attack of Pearl Harbor
The USS West Virginia  on the attack of Pearl Harbor
The USS Utah on Pearl Harbor
USS Oklahoma at the attack of Pearl Harbor
USS Phoenix on the attack of Pearl Harbor
USS Maryland burning next to the USS Oklahoma on the attack of Pearl Harbor
Doberman sitting next to Jeep with her Dog Tags on
The USS Shaw exploding  from the Attack from the Japanese on Pearl Harbor
The USS Downs  from the
Attack  on Pearl Harbor
Suicide Bomber on the attack at Pearl Harbor
Japanese plane attacking Pearl Harbor
USS California on the attack
of Pearl Harbor
A day that will live in          Infamey
The Memorial of the USS Arizona that get many visitors
every day God Bless Us All
Fat man
Little Boy
Worn out soldiers and they handlers on Patrol
Vet Treating a wounded soldier
Dobermans were meant for the tropical Vegatation
Marching Soldiers on training patrol at Campe Lejune
Andy with his two handlers Mahoney and Lansley
Soldier with his handler 
In the field a Devil Dog with his handler on the alert
Devil Dog Silloutte with his handler
Andy with his handler Lansely Andy was a
King and 1 of very few who worked off leash
Handler walking his Devil Dog on the Beach after a landing
Soldier after loosing his Devil Dog in Action
This Photo Speaks for it's self

Scout  Devil Dog on the beach with his two handlers
Devil Dogs getting japs out of cave
Atomic cloud over
Hiroshima the little boy.
  Atomic Cloud over           Nagasaki
bomb the fat man
Never Forget all who have fought and died for our country do your part be a pen pal these young men some have no families who write to them from home that's all they want is to here from someone from home. 
Go above and beyond the call of duty let them know that you care about their lives and what their doing no matter if you agree or not their just doing their jobs ~!~ Show that you CARE
This is to pay Tribute to Danny White who serves with the  Patriot Patrol for all they do to Protect the Parents and Families from the likes of the Rev. Fred Phelps in this World and his followers.       So that they can lay their loved ones to Rest after loosing their lives fighting over in Iraq and Afghanistan  God Bless the (Patriot Patrol) I am very proud that I have a very good friend who donates his time to go all over the country to protect these families. He also fought in the USMC in Viet Nam Danny I Salute you my friend and thank you so much for the pictures and for Serving our Country in the 'USMC'  Hoorah ~^~Danny~^~
It couldn't have been done with out these couragous Dobermans they'll jump and take a bullet to save a soldiers life just as they will in any line of duty and protecting their family 
Everything on this site the way it’s written, designed personal photo’s are Copy Written Property of Kimberly Jones / Stargazer Dobermans
If caught writing in my style of writing due to my over 40 years of experience with this Majestic breed of dog my almost 39 years of breeding experience with Doberman Pinschers. All my research that I’ve done since 8 years of age is considered Copy Write Infringement and after a warning given if you don't comply will go to court for fines. We’ve since day one when we were still a very private breeder since I come from a family of breeders my parents were dog breeders so I have a lifetime of experience in breeding dogs and we’ve always stated that were here for the life of your pup/dog~^~ I’ve had a problem that with a warning this person took what they stole off my website. They admitted to doing a control c and v I respect others websites and just request the same
Also I’ve never heard these dogs called by the name Gladiator Dobermans again did this come from them fighting in the Ancient Roman Colosseum or the Greek Olympics’ ? In the 70’s during a huge peek in interest of this breed that some adopted the name Warlock to make them seem more valuable. Since this breed of dog came to America to save it from extinction during the first WW  the only term used for the Oversized Doberman is
Goliath’s this came from the bible term David and Goliath in the 1930’s they adopted the name of King and it has stuck all these years now I’ve done my research about this very Magnificent breed of dog. What I’ve written about the wars is my experience growing up during the Viet Nam war my parents met during WWII some of what’s written about the Devil Dogs I got threw the war department all the rest is my writings which all of what I write is Copy Written. our photo’s are protected by a no right click you can ask for written permission for any of our photo’s doing a control c & v now that’s Copy Write Infringement Please Respect I’m a very professional reputable breeder a full service breeder with references thank you Stargazer Dobermans / Kimberly Jones

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Support Our                      Troops
These are just some of the Doberman Pinschers who fought in  WWII and saved all those Islands in the Pacific~!  Some were small some were Large but they were all Marine Corp Soldiers.                                    
This is a Tribute to my friend Danny White for whom served his country in the 'USMC' during Viet Nam and lost a brother serving in the same war.  Danny Continues to still serve his country Protecting the Families of those who have lost a Son,Brother,Sister,Cousin a Daughter, Father and Mother 
Our Dearest 'Kurt' Saved 250 Marines 
  Camp Lejeune, NC, 1943, Higgins Boat Training
Owing a Doberman Pinscher you own apart of American History They fought and Died for their Country 'Kurt' himself died saving 250 Marine Lives that's Courage
As early as 1935, the Marines were interested in War Dogs. They had experienced the enemies' sentry dogs used in Haiti and in the other "Banana Wars" in Central America where dogs staked around guerrilla camps in the jungle sounded the alarm at the approach of the Marines.
Always the Marines found everything except enemy soldiers and their weapons. The Marines learned the value of dogs used as sentries and scouts.
Prior to Pearl Harbor, Our citizens the people of the US  were opposed to getting involved with the war that was going on in Europe and Asia, the Marines thought they would have to fight the Japanese in the Pacific. Since the Japanese were well established in the islands and atolls of the central, south, and west Pacific, the Marines knew they were going to be fighting in tropical climates where the vegetation provided jungle-like coverage.
In such conditions, dogs would be ideal sentries and couriers. It was no surprise later that the Marine Corps had the first large dog unit in the nation's history to see action against the enemy in the Pacific.
The very first Marine War Dog Training School was located at Quantico Bay, Cuba, on January 18, 1943, under the direction of Captain Samuel T. Brick. Fourteen Doberman Pinschers were thankfully donated by the Baltimore, Maryland and Canton, Ohio members of the Doberman Pinscher Club of America. An old warehouse served as both headquarters and kennels.
The school's location was short lived, however. A week later, the War Dog Training Center had been established at Camp Knox, site of a former CCC camp at Camp Lejeune, NC. And the Quantico Dobermans were joined there by a Boxer named Fritz, the very first dog sworn and signed into the Marine Corp. hoorah~!~!

The Doberman Pinscher Club Of America
Dogs For Defense wasn't the only organization recruiting dogs for the armed services, in 1942 the Doberman Pinscher Club of America was formally approached to procure Dobes for the newly formed Marine Corps War Dog Training Facility at Camp LeJeune, New River, North Carolina.
Sydney A. Moss, President of the DPCA, agreed to assist in the procurement of the Dobermans, and Richard C. Webster, DPCA, Baltimore, Maryland, headed the recruiting committee. He divided the country into sixteen procurement areas to facilitate enlistment. DPCA members spent their own time and money to screen applicant dogs for the Marine Corps the DPCA played a large roll in getting dogs for the Marine Corp.  
The Dogs Arriving in Camp LeJeune NC, the new canine recruits were first entered in a forty-page dog service record book also each dog was tattooed in their right ear along with their call name, breed, DOB also date of their enlistment to confirm the dog for their record boods . The Marine Corps was the only branch of the service to have such records for their dogs Hoorah~!
Notes were kept on the type of training the dogs received and when they qualified for each type, such as obedience, scout, messenger, and special work.
The Dobermans were given thorough examinations and tested for tractability, corrigibility, shyness, and aggressiveness. Considering the fact that the testers were new at what they were testing, one can assume that the tests were not very rigorous nor very scientific.
The Dobermans  had to be at least 50 pounds and stand twenty inches high at the withers. Dogs who failed the tests for one reason or another were sent home.
Dobermans began their training as Privates. They were promoted on the basis of their length of service. After three months the Dobes became a Private First Class, one year a Corporal, two years a Sergeant, three years a Platoon Sergeant, four years a Gunner Sergeant, and after five years a Master Gunner Sergeant. The Dobes could eventually outrank their handlers.
The Dobermans handlers were just out of boot camp or transfers from other outfits. Prior experience handling dogs was not a requirement.  Each new dog selected as a scout dog was assigned to one handler.
Each messenger dog was assigned to two handlers. They all went through an intensive course of obedience for a period of six weeks. The dogs were taught to heel, down, crawl, come, or stay on both voice commands and arm and hand signals. During this early training, no Marine was allowed to molest or play with another Marine's dog. After the basic training when the handlers and the dogs were well indoctrinated, it was possible to have the dogs respond to other handlers in case it was necessary to bring a dog under control in an emergency.
Following basic training, the Marine dogs were divided up for specialized training:
Messenger dogs:  were taught to carry messages, ammunition or special medical supplies from one handler to the other handler, avoiding all other men. They were subjected to overhead rifle and machine gun fire and explosions of heavy charges of dynamite and TNT to simulate an nearly as possible actual battlefield conditions     
The sentry dogs - were trained to warn (fixed) troops of the approach or the nearness of any other humans. Dogs usually alert to the presence of strangers by barking. Not many sentry dogs were trained by the Marines, as they were combat troops.

The scout dog:  was train to alert the troops of the enemy, but not to bark and tell the enemy where the rears!
troops were. The detection of strangers was signaled by the dogs in different ways but not by barking! Two supposed scientists reported that dogs barked because they wanted to and there was nothing humans could do to change that. This nonsense was reported in articles in many newspapers. The Devil dogs' scouts were trained not to bark.

Dogs For Combat
During World War II, a total of seven Marine War Dog Platoons were trained at Camp LeJeune, North Carolina. All of the dog platoons served in the Pacific in the war against the Japanese
Beginning in 1944 and lasting until the end of the war, army and Marine Dog Platoons conducted thousands of patrols scattered throughout the Pacific Theater of Operations.

The Marines landed on Bougainville, the largest island of the Solomon’s, on November 1, 1943. The 24 canine members of the First Marine Dog Platoon was sent ashore just one hour after the first Marines hit the beach, under heavy mortar and rifle fire and were dispatched to various companies according to prearranged plans.

The Marines landed on Bougainville, the largest island of the Solomon’s, on November 1, 1943. The 24 canine members of the First Marine Dog Platoon was sent ashore just one hour after the first Marines hit the beach, under heavy mortar and rifle fire and were dispatched to various companies according to prearranged plans.

Below I'm Paying Tribute to a Dear Friend for whom I grew up with Danny White who served his country during the Viet Nam War in the USMC and still today protecting the families who have lost their loved ones in action. He serves in the Patriot Patrol.
God  Bless you Danny
for all you do
    ~*~We Salute~*~
  you my Friend

The Story of these Majestic dogs who've served our Country and saved so many lives and we would have not FREED all of those Islands in the Pacific without them during WWII~!
This is the Story of the Magnificent Soldier the USMC "Devil Dogs"  Their Story doesn't end there they also fought during Viet Nam. This is their Story also including their story in Pictures thanks to the War Department

The First War Dog Platoon, was commanded by Lt. Clyde A. Henderson, and served with the 2nd Raider Battalion on Bougainville. From this and other units, the First Marine Brigade was formed and invaded Guam along with the Third Marine Division and the 77th Army Division. More units were added to form the 6th Marine Division which invaded Okinawa. The First War Dog Platoon saw action on Bougainville, Guam, and Okinawa. The 2nd, commanded by Lt. William T. Taylor and 3rd War Dog Platoons, commanded by 1st Lt. William W. Putney, saw action on Guam (Lt. Putney was also the vet for both the 2nd and 3rd platoon), Morotai, Guadalcanal, Aitape, Kwajalein, and Enewetak.

             We Are Marines  -  We Follow Orders 

We Go Where We're Told  -
            and We Win When We Get There

In loving memory for all who served in Viet Nam Men, Women our Canines
Two Soldiers dug down into a hole
Stargazer    Dobermans
All about the Wars and this is to Honor those who fought and died for our Country and Freedom~!