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E-mail us for next available litter and up coming planned litters  were growing in our program due to all the calls and e-mails for the demand for our 'Oversized' Family Guard Dogs.  As we've said many times we call them what they are their the 'King of all Dogs' due to their High Intelligence and Learned Vocabularies.
Call about available pups for sale now or juveniles that have been trained basic obedience. We can put you on that list or assist you in finding a pup of the age that your wanting from our Sister Breeder.
This part is of how our pups are raised loose in the house to get them well on their way to being  housebroke and teach them to be great family pets at Stargazers we prefer to send our clients home with pups that are well on their way to being housebroke.  The pups are bluepad and paper trained  we keep an open crate in the living room for the pups to go in and out at will so if their shipped their use to a crate we disagree with pups being left in crates to long and to much we do endose the use of playpens and kennels we trust our pups loose in the house to sleep at night just put your trust in your pup.
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More Puppy Pictures below  show casing how our pups are loved nutured and cared for in their new homes and here at Stargazers
      ~^~Our Pups only go to approved homes~^~!
      The Beautful Mind of the Doberman Pinscher

The beautiful mind of the Doberman Pinscher.  The only dog in all the dog breeds that was bred solely for 'Personal Protection'. Careful breeding the Doberman proved to be a Wonderful Family Dog protecting what in their minds is theirs.
That means You,  Your Home even the car they ride in because of course in their minds it all belongs to them.  They will protect you every bit of it.  My first bred Sire that I bred when I was so young I had bought a truck and Max laid clam on that truck in his mind I bought it for him. If Max didn't know you then he wouldn't hurt anyone in public unless of course I was being threatened but would scare you to death if you touched his truck !   He didn't like that what so ever it in his mind was his and I was his as I am to all my dogs in my pack.

Remember they feel what we feel, They know what we know, They like who we like and
dis-like whom we don't.        Most owners begin to think that their Doberman is reading their minds in a way they are but,  it's our body language, emotions and hormones  were putting off good or bad hormones that they read and smell so well is our emotions.  How we feel comes out in our body that even we can't tell and if we don't like someone their reading our body language towards them even thou we might think were hiding it from that person our Beloved Dobermans are reading us
Loud and Clear ~!
Their is no more intelligent dog on the face of this earth than the Doberman Pinscher. Their abilities are endless ~! Their Protective Instinct is bred into them their born this way it's not a learned behavior. I Promise the Love you have for your Doberman will be return 10 fold in so many ways Protection, Companionship, Devotion, Loyality and their ever lasting imprint they leave on our Heart and Souls
Thank you all
Puppy Trainer/ Very Proud Breeder of the Majestic Doberman Pinscher. 

We direct our Clients to a wholesaler of Play Pens we do business with if they feel they need it~! 

A pup/dog has room to move around instead of being stuck in an area where they can't even stretch out. Our pups are well on their way to being housebroke when sold and live free in our home to teach them to be great family pets that know to play with their toys. When sold our pups are ready to live free in your home after their croppings . We love our babies and our clients will agree after taking their pups home how much they've been loved nutured and cared for worked with . They've been directed here and do have to be directed in their new homes as to what they can and cannot have give them boundries. They've been given those boundries here at Stargazers ~! We've started them on the right path to become wonderful pups in your home. Here at Stargazers we feel it's all that wonderful  Labor of Love' we give our babies before handing them over to you~!   Stargazer Dobermans Thanks each and every one of our Clients ~!

Our Pups are whelped where their supervised at all times their raised in a true family environment to teach them to be good in our house and yours.  Trust your pups because we trust the puppies we hand raise.
An Important issue we believe here at Stargazers
Everything on this site the way it’s written, designed personal photo’s are Copy Written Property of Kimberly Jones / Stargazer Dobermans
If caught writing in my style of writing due to my over 40 years of experience with this Majestic breed of dog my almost 39 years of breeding experience with Doberman Pinschers.
All my research that I’ve done since 8 years of age is considered Copy Write Infringement and after a warning given if you don't comply will go to court for fines. We’ve since day one when we were still a very private breeder since I come from a family of breeders my parents were dog breeders so I have a lifetime of experience in breeding dogs and we’ve always stated that were here for the life of your pup/dog~^~ I’ve had a problem that with a warning this person took what they stole off my website. They admitted to doing a control c and v I respect others websites and just request the same
Also I’ve never heard these dogs called by the name Gladiator Dobermans again did this come from them fighting in the Ancient Roman Colosseum or the Greek Olympics’ ? In the 70’s during a huge peek in interest of this breed that some adopted the name Warlock to make them seem more valuable. Since this breed of dog came to America to save it from extinction during the first WW I the only term used for the Oversized Doberman is
Goliath’s this came from the bible term David and Goliath in the 1930’s they adopted the name of King and it has stuck all these years now I’ve done my research about this very Magnificent breed of dog. What I’ve written about the wars is my experience growing up during the Viet Nam war my parents met during WWII some of what’s written about the Devil Dogs I got threw the war department all the rest is my writings which all of what I write is Copy Written. our photo’s are protected by a no right click you can ask for written permission for any of our photo’s doing a control c & v now that’s Copy Write Infringement Please Respect I’m a very professional reputable breeder a full service breeder and I’m here for our clients for the life of their pup/dog their family members thank you Stargazer Dobermans / Kimberly Jones

What in the World is This ????
Puppies Puppies Puppies Puppies Puppies
Puppies Puppies Puppies Puppies Puppies
Hi I'm Alexis the Spider Monkey girl I'm 6 weeks old now like my spiked  collar ?  The smallest pup ever whelped here at Stargazers  19 grams   ~*~
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           Stargazer Dobermans Guarantee
We guarentee our pups for 3 years against disease we guarentee our pups hips for 5 years we're always here for the life of your pup/dog were known for our aftercare in the raising of a happy healthy new family member.
Were here to answer your questions, concerns anything that might come up~!
As your Doberman Ages we can give advice on the care of an aging dog since ours have all lived long active heathly lives here.
I contribute this to the  Diet that they get once a day Sydney's litter is the only litter I've given this diet to and will be the last in the Manuals.
I  have a chapter that will cover their dietary needs  It does make a huge difference giving your dog every single thing they need threw their digestive tract rather than supplements that are all processed threw the liver were no oppsed to a daily puppy Vitamin.
It's best to get their daily needs threw the digestion and absorbed into their systems in that manner.
I'm not bashing supplements but some are killing their dogs with these thinking well if 2 does them good lets give them 4 and end up hurting their dogs and some have died I've done my research on this and just feel it's healthier for my dogs and pups to get their daily requirements threw food it's better absorbed and utilized threw out the body this way.
Our Vet says our dogs health shows threw their coats were firm believers that the diet our dogs and the pups are on here is like an apple a day and an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure  and for a snack they do get an apple every day.
As per our contract for any reason you can no longer keep your pup due to circumstances we have first rights of getting the pups we breed back. In 39 years I've only had one pup returned due to divorce the whole battle was over the dog the Judge forced them to find Buddy a new home and it's always been in our contract that Breeder gets first rights back so Buddy  was returned and ended up being Justin's personal body guard he'd never been around kids before but latched onto mine and lived out the rest of his life here he was an awesome protector.
As My Mentor's always Put it Caring for our pups is just a

  *Labor of Love*
Led Zepplins paw at 5 months of age and weighing 60 lbs.
Hollies Beautiful Profile
Dancer laying down for her mid day nap
Titan is a Cowboys Fan
Your Stargazer
Everything that is included in your hand raised puppy is on this page.   You tell us what you want out of your pup and will raise it accordanly
Whats included in the Price of your Pup

Dews are done at the same time as their tails we do a show dock on our tails then  their first worming is Pyrantel their second is Strongin T at 6 weeks they get their 1st vaccination their heart wormed at 7 weeks of age then they get their second shot at 9 weeks of age which is the age we let our puppies go home  then after their picked up they'll need two more shots at 12 weeks and 16 weeks each pup gets a clean bill of health threw our Vet.
  All pups go home with a complete health record of everything that has been done to your pup.
Pups who have their ears cropped by our Vet don't go home until after our Vet has removed the sutures which is at 7 days post surgery.  I let the pups go to their new homes 10- 14 days post surgery with all the materials needed to post their ears with instructions we want to make sure that your pups ears are healed and no scaring that's why we don't let them go to their new homes until we have the length of the ear well on it's way to being healed,  then I'm always just a phone call or e-mail  or I can show you live on cam.  Those wanting to have your pups ears left natural must let us know when pre-ordering your pup since I make the appointments for the ear cropping's a month in advance he's the best and a perfectionist we've used this Vet for 37 years now.
Here at Stargazers we only crop your pups ears at our Vet since he learned it in Vet School should you decide to find your own Vet do your homework ask for references  and pictures of their work and most of all ask them how long they've been cropping ears since they stopped teaching it in Vet Schools over 20 years ago.

This is very imperative to do your research on the Vet you choose to crop your pups ears and to find the best Vet for your pups over all health check ups.  I've seen pups ears that weren't even cut the same and it looked as thou they used twine to suture their ears up.  A good ear Vet uses only the finest sutures so that not to leave scaring where they went threw the ear. Here we prefer the old time method over lasers you end up with less scaring and a smoother earline up the entire ear.
I work and treat their ears 3 x per day making sure the loose scabs are removed.  I only crop pups ears with Pain Management which I use Deramax

'The  Stargazers Doberman Bible' covers a wide range of issues about our Beloved Dobermans about their health ,diet ,exercise and working off of their true instincts.
Every issue will have index's for quick reference. Only Clients who buy our pups get this manual which is jam pack full of everything you need to know about your Doberman Pinscher Pup / Dog.
For those having us crop your pups ears I have over 41  years of experience in the aftercare of your pups ears.

Here at Stargazers we do everything possible to keep everything very humane for our pups.  We don't want their experiences to be bad ones only positive.   I'm sure all my clients will agree how easy it is to work on your pup we keep them healthy from their nose to their happy tails ~^~
~*~Our Pups only go to approved homes~*~
A deposit is required to reserve a pup

What is not included in the price of your pup
Cropping the ears
Health Certifcates for shipping
Shipping Crate   
Shipping  Cost

Thank you so much
Best Kind Regards
Kimberly Jones
Breeder/Puppy Trainer
Stargazer Dobermans